August 09, 2017

Jeremy Kingsley — Passion and Inspiration – Episode 82

In Today’s Episode

Today’s guest, Jeremy Kingsley, is a best-selling author, leadership expert, and one of the most sought-after speakers in the country. Since 1996, he has spoken to over 500,000 people at live events, and given over 2000 keynote speeches. You may have seen Jeremy on television or online this year. He has been featured in/on CNBC, CBS, FOX, FOX BUSINESS, FORBES, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES, WALL STREET BUSINESS and many more large media outlets. He has endorsements from Fortune 500 companies like YUM and Whirlpool. Leadership expert Ken Blanchard has said, “Jeremy Kingsley drives home principles that all leaders need to know and apply.” His messages have reached millions through radio, television, and the internet.
Jeremy is the author of four books, his latest titled Inspired People Produce Results.

Jeremy is a master storyteller, and connects with audiences through the perfect blend of humor, content, inspiration, and relevant principles to help each individual. He believes that inspired people produce results, and that people can change, grow, and fulfill their personal and professional goals.

His early years were spent in the frigid winters of Wisconsin, and his teen years in the politically-charged environment of Washington, D.C. In both places Jeremy learned a lot about character, integrity, and passion. After playing three years on the varsity basketball team in high school, he scored over 1000 points, and was named Conference Most Valuable Player his senior year. Jeremy has the heart of an athlete, and understands the importance of commitment, determination, and purpose. He then went on to college and graduate school. Jeremy holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Columbia International University.

In our conversation today, we talked about inspiration, motivation, finding your passion and maintaining solid principles along the way.

Outline of This Great Episode
[4:52] Deborah introduces Jeremy.
[7:26] Jeremy realized early on that many successful people had similar stories.
[8:57] Sports have been very influential in Jeremy’s life.
[11:34] Why is passion so important?
[14:28] Work is so time-consuming, so it is crucial to work in a field you love.
[15:51] Sometimes it takes a while to find your passion.
[18:42] There is risk involved in following your passion.
[21:57] Are we born with passion?
[24:56] What’s the difference between passion and ambition?
[26:50] You need to have a “counter-move.”
[27:46] The generation you were born in may have an effect on your motivation.
[33:01] How can you balance confidence and humility?
[36:56] Self-awareness is important.
[38:41] Jeremy’s dad was one of his greatest inspirations.
[40:19] You might have already heard the news, but Dr. Andy Cutler passed away on July 29th. We are all deeply saddened by his loss. He was the reigning expert on mercury toxicity and has helped millions. If you haven’t already listened to the interview I did with him, please listen to episodes 38 and 39. R.I.P., Dr. Cutler, and thank you for your amazing work!
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[42:37] Through your passion, you will bless the lives of others.
[47:12] Look ahead and look back in a balanced way.
[48:09] What are solid principles and why are they important?
[55:45] Without integrity, your work will fall apart.
[1:01:27] Forgiveness is good for your health.
[1:02:45] Second chances can be inspirational.
[1:03:25] Change your perspective on failure.
[1:07:19] Jeremy gives us three tips to stay inspired and motivated.

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