October 18, 2017

Intuitive Medicine with April Danann — Episode 92

In Today’s Episode

Vidal receives today April Danann, a medical intuitive, who is in her essence a person deeply committed to fully understanding her body, mind, and soul on the deepest levels. Guided solely by her intuition, she has learned to place all her trust, faith, hope, and belief into her body. She believes that her spiritual journey will take her where she is destined to go. With absolute certainty, she knows her body can heal itself without drugs. Perhaps this is all you need to know about April, however, here are some details about her career:

Dip PT — Packaging Technology.  College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise, Cookstown.  
Dip MI — Medical Intuition. Inner Access, Canada
Dip NT — Nutritional Therapy.  Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health.
BSc (Hons) — Food Management & Marketing.  College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise, Cookstown.
MSc — Nutrition & Exercise Science.  University of Chester, UK
Ph.D. (ongoing) — Naturopathic Medicine, University of Natural Medicine, California, USA

Other Courses
Diploma — Kinesiology
Diploma — Massage Therapy
Diploma — Family Herbalist

Speaker Events
2017 — Wellness Day, Ballymaloe
Happy Pear, Greystones

Other Roles
2014 – current — Secretary of Skibbereen Farmers Market board
2007 — Founder member of NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland)


April Danann — A Short History

April Danann left Canada for Europe in 1997, following a job offer in Amsterdam to start up the European branch of a Canadian company and then ended up staying, realizing her heart belonged here amongst the blow-ins and the original food culture that has become her life.

She’d always longed to live in Europe. Even though she was born and raised on Canada’s East coast and loved the fresh air, the wildness and sometimes the snow, she thinks it prepared her for West Cork and the rainy days of Ireland.

April has worked as a Medical Intuitive since as long as she can remember. Her interest in food and nutrition were natural companions to her ability to hear the body’s voice. Although she left the corporate world when her son was born to work on her own terms, in her own way; it prepared her for all that was to come.

Starting something, anything, from scratch is something that comes easily, quite like her West Cork kombucha scobies and apple cider vinegar mothers. Capturing wild organisms and growing a business; life just gets better.    

Certainly, a great episode filled with useful information for you to get healthier one choice at the time, connecting with nature and becoming aware of the messages your body is giving you. Enjoy!

Outline of This Great Episode
[8:35] How April Danann started as a medical intuitive.
[10:09] Food and natural medicine is the way to treat your body.
[11:24] DES daughter brought the biggest challenge when she found out she was pregnant.
[13:25] Ramifications of being a DES child.
[16:07] What does it mean to be a Medical Intuitive?
[17:19] Combination of Emotional patterns and Intuitive Medicine.
[19:14] We all have intuition but some people are really gifted with it.
[21:18] In my family all were psychic but were terrified of it.
[23:10] People are looking for quick fixes.
[24:54] Reasons for mystery illnesses are emotional patterns and chemical exposures.
[31:01] A toxin is something that does not support the whole.
[33:45] In current civilizations we have lost the connection with the ground.
[35:23] Access to clean water is basic to our bodies.
[36:51] Your plate needs to be 80% vegetables.
[42:04] Grow your own vegetables and herbs, and if you can’t go to the local farmers market.
[43:01] Different uses of herbs.
[44:38] Dandelion uses.
[45:58] How does Elderberry Vinegar is produced?
[50:43] Scobies and Kombucha production.
[55:54] How to do different fastings.
[1:02:38] The process of a Medical Intuitive session.
[1:06:12] Common health problems nowadays.
[1:07:30] Our immune systems are at risk.
[1:10:48] Three tips for a healthier living.

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