March 14, 2018

How Healing My Lyme’s Disease Changed My Life with Mytrae Meliana. Episode 109

Deborah Vidal welcomes Mytrae Meliana to the Vidal Speaks Show. Vidal extends an invitation to you to keep an open mind and listen to a story of healing, of overcoming a diagnosis and symptoms of Lyme disease through a spiritual intervention with the guide of John of God as well as a lifestyle change.

Mytrae Meliana is a women’s empowerment and Divine Feminine teacher, soul purpose coach, holistic psychotherapist, and sound healer. She empowers women to find their voice, stand tall in their power, love and be loved, and live from their Soul. She helps them connect with their Inner Goddess. Mytrae awakens people to their Soul Purpose so they can create a life of joy, passion, and inspiration from the inside-out. She heals people from trauma and blocks from past lives that cause physical illness and emotional issues in this lifetime.

Mytrae’s spiritual path, which she’s had for most of her life, has wound through Integral Yoga, Tantra, mysticism, and metaphysics. She was miraculously healed of Lyme Disease on her first visit to John of God, a spiritual healer in Brazil. Her own life journey is a testament to hope, possibility, and the power of love.

An award-winning writer, she’s the author of John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil, and How I Healed From Lyme Disease: My Story, Lessons, And Steps To A Miracle.

A pianist, she is blessed with the gift of channeling what her Guides call “The Language of Light.” What comes through her is celestial music from Father Creator and Mother Creator. This music contains healing keys which unlock and release disease, retrieve fragmented soul parts, activate chakras and DNA, and people’s wisdom, love, strength, and Divinity.

She teaches “Women and Tantra” in the Women’s Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

In case you haven’t heard about John of God, here is some information about him. João Teixeira de Faria, internationally known as John of God or João de Deus, is one of the most powerful channeling mediums and healers alive today. He began his spiritual career over 30 years ago and in this time has helped millions of people heal a variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual diseases.

John of God is a humble man who is very clear about one thing: “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.”

There are a variety of spiritual healing guides that have chosen to work with and through John of God. Together they treat the whole person and their whole life. The glue that binds humanity is Love and John of God and the entities are most concerned that you are whole and a reflection of this love in the world, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He and the entities, through a constant and thorough cleaning of your energy field, and your own efforts, are able to elevate you in a phenomenal way to become who you truly are — radiant and a reflection of the divine on earth.

Healing services are provided at The Casa De Dom Inacio in Brazil in person and through Crystal Healing Beds. Many make the trip to meet John of God and receive healing in person. For those who are unable to make the trip or those who are continuing their healing journey, John of God Crystal Healing Beds are available around the world through selected spiritual practitioners. He also offers distance healing.

Some of the physical diseases that have been healed in others are AIDS, cancer, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and injury from sports and accidents. Some of the emotional diseases that have been healed in others are addictions, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Karmic patterning, family lineage, as well as relationships between families and loved ones can also be repaired and restored.


Outline of This Great Episode

[10:30] Mytrae’s personal story with Lyme disease.

[12:20] First symptoms of Lyme disease.

[19:33] Mytrae meets John of God.

[27:45] Alternative medicine’s approach to the 10% remaining symptoms of Lyme.

[29:54] Amazonian herbs, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies Mytrae took.

[33:14] Toning sounds.

[37:33] Mytrae stopped taking caffeine, sugar, canned food, and processed foods.

[38:54] Supplements.

[41:03] John of God helped me to change how I see life and how I see myself.

[42:05] Distance healing with John of God.

[47:30] Mytrae’s partner’s undiagnosed disease treated with John of God.

[52:10] Sound healing.

[53:50] We are energy and vibration.

[1:01:32] Mytrae’s work with women.

[1:06:55] Approaching a disease — first of all, take ownership!

[1:08:20] What is the underlying cause of these symptoms?


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