November 29, 2017

Healthy & Jolly Holidays with Deborah Vidal – Episode 98

In Today’s Episode

Deborah Vidal dedicates this episode to share with you some of her personal story, her experience recording and preparing this very special podcast, and to invite you to participate in the ideas for the future of the Vidal Speaks podcast.

Also, Deborah wants to help you manage your health and vegan diet through this Christmas season, overcoming the common difficulties presented during holidays, like stress, overeating, and lack of sleep, among others.

Listen to this amazing podcast, get involved in this important decision-making time along with Vidal, and get a list of ready-to-take-into-fast-action tips for a healthier holiday season.


Outline of This Great Episode

[4:30] How the Vidal Speaks podcast is created.

[11:01] Deborah´s personal story.

[14:17] How reviews can help this podcast.

[18:23] Frequency of Vidal Speaks episodes.

[21:45] Money, Sponsors, and Donations.

[24:48] The future of Vidal Speaks.

[26:01] Homeopathic Detox kit.

[28:56] Importance of detoxing.

[30:45] How to keep your health and sanity through the holiday season.

[32:18] Common problems during the holiday season.

[33:50] Lack of sleep.

[37:20] Overeating.

[39:05] Don’t snack and drink lots of water.

[41:26] Overload of stress.

[44:51] Watch out for caffeine in your diet.

[47:36] Diminish the amount of shopping, spend quality time more than money.

[51:33] Recharge your energy, take some “me-time.”


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