February 21, 2018

Healing With Gemstone Elixers, Essential Oils, Food & Chinese Medicine. Episode 106

Deborah Vidal continues the conversation with Justin Ehrlich at the Vidal Speaks Show. This episode is the second part of a deep exchange about how gemstones, food, essential oils, and Chinese medicine can contribute to our bodies in the process of healing in an integrative manner, by treating people and not isolated symptoms.

If you haven’t heard about Justin Ehrlich, here is some relevant information about him. Justin has been drawn to the many different practices that originated in ancient China for most of his life. He has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2002 and has been a student of the Jade Purity branch of Daoism since 2001. Over the course of many years of questioning the nature of reality and using these practices to work through his own struggles, heal old wounds, and find a deeper connection to the Divine, he’s seen how powerful this path can be.

He’s been blessed to hold space for the journey of his clients and students many times over and is constantly inspired by the strength of the human spirit. He’s studied many different branches of medicine, religion, mindfulness-based practices, meditation, and philosophy. His studies have always been focused on the practical application of these subjects in the lives of his clients and himself. Some of the subjects he’s worked with extensively are: Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Tui Na, Shiatsu, massage, Daoist External Alchemy, Daoist Internal Alchemy and meditation, traditional martial arts, Chinese Shamanic Herbalism, essential oils, gemstone medicine, life coaching/spiritual coaching, dietary therapy, Daoyin and Qi Gong, Zen, and Vipassana Buddhism, mindfulness-based practices, modern biohacking techniques, functional medicine, and various forms of Western psychotherapy including couples work.

Outline of This Great Episode
[5:10] The fruit myth.

[11:33] How does the Gemstones Elixir work?

[15:05] Power of different stones and how they work.

[17:42] Different colors of gemstones and their function.

[20:03] Jade, the perfect stone.

[22:37] Uses of pyrite.

[24:09] Stones that can be used for headaches.

[29: 50] Stones for detoxing from heavy metals.

[34:57] How do you use gemstones?

[37:43] How is an elixir done?
[39:34] Bibliography about stones available currently.

[43:48] Diet and Chinese medicine.

[51:35] Health and healing are natural to humans.

[53:02] How to use essential oils.

[55:30] Importance of mindfulness, nowadays.

[57:08] Three things you must do in 2018.

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