February 08, 2017

Ellen Kunz – Alternatives to Chemo for Healing from Cancer – Episode 56

After finishing school Ellen Kunz went on to study pottery. In 1978 she went to the South of France to learn from a potter named Pierre Duterte. Later she had an amazing chance to learn from the most famous potter in Germany, named Wendelin Stahl. He was one of the first potters to build a bridge from handcrafted to artisan. Ellen says that he was a perfectionist and that he taught her to use her eyes and her passion, and that she was lucky to learn all she knows from him.

The next chapter of her life began in 1984 when she gave birth to her daughter, Paula. Ellen stopped pottery at this point but went into 3-year professional training to become a retail salesperson. She opened an interior design shop called SOULEIADO, which sold handmade curtains, bedding, tablecloths and living decor made with special very colorful material from the South of France.

In 1995 Ellen gave birth to her son Johann, and in 2001 she decided to close her shop to begin a study in homeopathy. She did a 3-year training with Dr. Christian Heimes and shortly after starting that, decided to go to Italy to do a master study with Dr. Massimo Mangialavori, which she did for more than 5 years. She also did a 2-year study with master homeopath Professor George Vithoulkas. Ellen went on to do many additional studies in homeopathy via seminars, webinars and short course studies that were taught by world-renowned homeopaths such as Henny Heudens, Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Farokh, Master, & Divya Chahbra.

In 2003 Ellen received the shocking news that she had breast cancer. She declined western treatment & aggressively researched her alternatives which included of course homeopathy. In 2004-2006 Ellen did a 3-year training to become a Non-medical practitioner so she could legally open her own homeopathic practice. And then in Feb 2007 she opened her own homeopathic practice, which she still has today. Ellen received her second breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, which led her to further investigate life changes, including diet and so many other alternative treatments that she credits for her cure.

And finally, just last year, after 33 years Ellen felt inspired to re-start her pottery. She now does pottery alongside her homeopathic practice. She is in the process of building her new pottery website & is excited to have this creative outlet to pour her passion into. She says it is a great balance for her to do both. There is some real magic to this because it shows her constantly how she is doing; when she creates a pot that is well done then she can tell she is in a very healthy place. Ellen loves the beauty of and in things. She likes to care for people. She says when you are healthy you are free and then all your inner beauty can flower out!


Ellen Kunz, potter, homeopath, breast cancer survivor, and my soul-sister talks with me about her experiences with finding alternatives to chemo for healing her cancer. It was a long and challenging journey for her. If you have received a cancer diagnosis or you want to know how to avoid cancer, you’ll love listening to this conversation about Ellen’s experience alternative treatments.

Although her mammograms had been clear, the doctor who was doing Ellen Kunz’ breast implant surgery discovered that she did, indeed, have cancer. In this interview, Ellen Kunz talks about what it was like to wake up to that diagnosis, to process it, and make tough decisions about what path to take toward healing as she explored alternatives to chemo. She is an amazing person. You will be inspired by her courageous journey!

Ellen Kunz experienced a ton of pressure, even shaming, from her medical doctors who wanted her to immediately go through chemo and radiation, even though she did not believe that was her best course of treatment. Listen to this episode to find out how she responded to that pressure and what factors gave her the courage to continue pursuing the alternatives to chemo and radiation that eventually brought health to her body.

Cancer does not happen overnight. Where does it start? What factors influence its growth? What does it take to bring peace and balance back to our bodies? Can we actually heal ourselves? Find answers to these questions and more in this compelling interview with Ellen Kunz, who shares the wealth of knowledge she has gathered on her personal journey with breast cancer, as we discuss different ways that nature can help heal us. You don’t want to miss our inspiring conversation about her courageous journey to finding healing for cancer without chemo and radiation.

If you want to heal your cancer through alternatives to chemo and radiation, you will need to begin with changes to your diet and your stressful lifestyle. What kinds of changes will make the most difference? Listen to this interview with Ellen Kunz to learn from her experience as a homeopath and as a breast cancer survivor who went to great lengths to discover the lifestyle changes that would help her the most as she sought to heal her cancer.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [2:00] Vidal introduces her podcast.
  • [4:45] How Vidal met her guest, Ellen Kunz.
  • [9:10] Introduction of Ellen Kunz, potter, homeopath, and breast cancer survivor.
  • [14:30] How Ellen’s breast implant surgery led to the discovery of her breast cancer.
  • [20:55] How Ellen went against the pressure to do chemotherapy and radiation.
  • [26:50] Ellen’s process of finding the therapy the would work for her.
  • [28:45] What life issues contribute to the development of cancer?
  • [31:00] Ellen’s transition to a vegan diet.
  • [33:45] Break – Contest info – How to enter to win. Reminder about water and minerals.
  • [35:35] How Ellen learned to cook vegetables and love them.
  • [39:05] What is the process of cancer development? What role does adrenaline play?
  • [46:00] Life changes that get rid of stress and heal your adrenals.
  • [54:40] What Ellen would do if she had cancer again
  • [56:58] Why is detox so important, and how do you do it?
  • [1:00:00] How to stay strong in your choices when others don’t support you.
  • [1:02:15] What Ellen would do differently if she could make her cancer treatment choices over again.
  • [1:06:00] Tips for those who have received a cancer diagnosis or who want to avoid cancer.
  • [1:09:30] Postscript – the other alternative therapies Ellen used.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode


Key Supplements that Ellen took:

As far as supplements go these were her key supplements:

She was given Vitamin A &E by her homeopath and she feels looking back this was not a good idea and in lung cancer it is a dangerous thing to take.

Mineral supplements according to her hair test that I would run every 4 months.

Vitamin C IV therapy

B17 – Laetrille 

Aloe Vera

Hydrogene peroxide 

Humic acid

Curcurmin which is from Tumeric

MSM which is a sulphur donation molecule.

Lifestyle changes included being sure to get 8 hours of sleep and doing some yoga.


What Ellen takes today

20 ml of a product called Regulat, which is an enzyme product that she feels is very important because it helps the body increase ATP 5x greater than normal. 


Vitamin D/K2/ C/OPC/ Mag/B12

Humic acid 

Drinks Ozonated Distilled water

1 liter of juice a day that she puts 1 large spoon of Potassium in each glass she drinks.

Her homeopathic remedy – Dr. Joe’s is Ellen’s personal homeopathy who was on episode #21 of vidalspeaks.  He has Ellen on his miracle adrenal drops plus an herbal combination which is listed below.

Ellen’s herbal combination

Withania somnifera 3 parts             

Eleutherococcus 3 parts

Panama ginseng 1/2 part

Astragalus membranaceous 2 parts 

Bacon monnaierai 3 parts             

Rhodiola rose     1 part     PHOTOS OF ELLEN – some current & some old pics)