June 22, 2016

Dr. Jose Vidal MD – On How Medicine Has Changed & A Story Of A Compassionate Doctor!


In this episode I want to speak to you about how medicine has changed over the years, from doctors treating the whole family, your whole body & doing house calls, to finally arriving at today’s system where insurance companies control how much time a doctor can spend with patients & how much they will get paid for the 5 minutes they allow them.  You will learn how medicine is not about healing anymore but more about symptom management with pharmaceuticals.  The perfect guest to speak about this change has to be someone that has lived & practiced medicine in both paradigms.  So I chose my dad, Dr. Jose Vidal MD, because he is 91 years old & a retired ophthalmologist who practiced medicine for 61 years & lived thru the changes. My dad loved being a doctor and not only does he still LOVE to help people as you will hear, you will learn how his love to HELP & HEAL people was the only reason why he became a doctor in the first place.  True passion to help others is not often the motivation to be a doctor anymore & even when it is doctors often get out of medical school & into their practice realizing that all they are doing is pharmaceutical symptom management.  This dissatisfaction has led many modern doctors to use their degree & knowledge to learn other natural modalities in order to really help the patients heal, which is what they always wanted to in the first place. You heard that in the previous podcast with Dr. Joe, I you will hear it from many others in the future too.  Many doctors do want to heal but medicine is not about healing anymore.  We can’t blame our doctors if that is what they are being taught in medical schools.  And we each have to take responsibility to learn how to be well.  It is so easy to blame your doctor but how much effort did you put into researching what it was they told you to do?  It is time to take charge of your decisions & to research the protocols or advice your doctor is giving you instead of blindly following their advice & blaming them later! I believe when it comes to doctors we will come back to the ways of the past. So sit back relax & enjoy listening to a piece of history.


Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!



Be healthy

Be free

Live LIFE!


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Hi Everyone… welcome to vidalSPEAKS Wednesday.  I am excited today because my guest for today’s show is my dad, whom I call my “Papi” which is Spanish for dad. I had to twist my dad’s arm to do this podcast because he a is super humble person and felt he had nothing to offer.  But in reality my papi is an amazing person & doctor. He is a true doctor in the sense of the word, meaning he only became a doctor because of his strong desire to help people, especially children.  You will hear when he tells you the story how emotional he still gets over helping others.  His drive to help others was so strong in life that even after a 61 year career in medicine he says if he had to do it all over again he would do exactly the same only add in some natural methods.  I know you will hear his love to help others even though you never met him.  I guess this is where I got my love to heal & help others…. & like my dad I too feel it is my life work I am here to do!


I feel honored to have my Papi on the show because he is an amazing example of a caring doctor.  Because he is 91 years old and practiced medicine for over 50 years, he has seen how medicine has changed for the worse.  I had the idea to have him as a guest so he could speak about how much medicine has changed from the old days when we didn’t have HMO’s or insurance companies that are driven by profits & in control of our doctors & their treatments.  


I believe medicine is in a crisis right now & only until we reach a crisis do things seem to change in life. I believe we are in the period just before the collapse and if things don’t change it will be a real disaster regarding the health of our human race.  People have no idea about the situation we are creating with the suppression of symptoms via pharmaceutical drugs. 


We use medicine for acute diseases like flus, fractures, anaphylactic reactions that can be life threatening & many other acute accident injuries. We also use medicine for life saving emergency surgeries & chronic diseases. The problem with medicine is in the area of chronic disease, which is 90% of what doctors see & treat every day.  This is where medicine is failing & it is not only at a huge financial cost to us, our employers, and our government but it has become a threat now to our human existence!  Medicine is NO LONGER about healing anymore it is ONLY about symptom management with pharmaceutical drugs and this suppression of symptoms is only driving disease deeper inside.  When we drive the disease deeper inside it is called suppression. This means we just cut off a symptom that the body needed to throw out to keep its balance.  I know that can sound crazy but remember the body tries always to keep a balance and this is called homeostasis.  So when it gets out of balance ….it tells us this …by giving us a symptom.  Sometimes the symptoms are serious like epilepsy, asthma etc but it still needed to throw it out to try keep a certain balance.  Remember in episode #5 called Homeopathy Basics I explained this.  I want to go over it one more time to be clear you understand the necessity of treating the cause & not the symptom.  


Think of our body as a pressure cooker. When we are healthy the pressure is at zero.  As we get out of balance the pressure begins to build.  Soon,… it throws a symptom out to warn us it is out of balance & that the pressure is too high.  It is trying to warn us with the symptom that something is out of balance.  Remember the word disease means dis and then ease meaning NOT at ease anymore…..   When we treat the symptom with a drug, we suppress it and PUSH OR FORCE it back into the pressure cooker – Now the pressure is too high… if the body is strong and the immune system health, it will try to throw it out again, and each time we throw the symptom back in it not only builds the pressure but is weakening the overall vital force or immune system….  and finally one day we force it back in and the pot just keeps building with so much pressure it throws a much more serious symptom out as now the body needs to release a lot more pressure.  You can see why our immune system gets weakened with all the suppression.  It loses any ability to fight when the pressure cooker has way too much pressure now. 


WE need to treat the cause or the WHY of our disease not the symptoms because when we do that it heals the symptoms not suppresses them, …. AND that is how we put our pressure cooker back to ZERO pressure again. Once we do it the right way, we have a fully working vital force & immune system again.  


I hope this makes sense to you, but it is extremely important to understand because regular doctors do NOT see disease like this …. they are trained to treat chronic diseases ONLY with symptom management which means drugs that suppress your symptoms.  So it won’t be your doctor telling you this stuff & although many doctors may be like my dad and really want to help people you can see that western treatment of chronic disease is making us more sick which is sad.  So it is up to YOU and ONLY YOU to make the right decisions for your health.  That is why I am so driven to do this podcast because this idea of the dangers of suppression is not known by many people & most doctors have no idea of this concept.  So I want YOU to know so you can be in control of your health BEFORE you face the horrible ramifications of suppression by following your doctors advice.  We need options in life.  We have to stop putting all our faith into our doctor without doing our own research first to see if the advice they are giving us feels right for us to do or makes sense.  Maybe with research you can find an easy alternative home remedy to use, which would save you all the side effects of the drugs & the dangers of suppression.  So time to learn how natures medicine works and when we go against the natural law of cure we will pay the price I promise!


Unfortunately most people feel we have better healthcare than other countries because of the high prices we pay for doctor visits and tests, but the US actually ranked second to last when the World Health Organization did a study of 13 countries.


Also who can afford to go to a doctor anymore?  If you are sick or a person that visits doctors often, then you are spending your annual out of pocket every year, which is often between 4500-7000.  Ok I know once that is paid mostly the rest is covered, but that is a lot of money to spend each year just on suppression medicine that makes us sicker!  Why not use that money for PREVENTION or in treatments that will reverse your disease & make you well?  Really think about that everyone?  And if you are a person that only rarely needs to go to a doctor then you really can’t afford to go because you won’t meet your annual out of pocket amount and that one visit will be all out of your pocket. One doctor visit in the US anyway means you will spend hundreds at the minimum, …. if testing is needed it will be thousands & then add on the medications… & you will be broke. By the time you reach your out of pocket for the year it is a new year & you start all over.  Why not use that money and put it in an HSA which is a health savings account or an account where you can only use the money for designated health care costs. If you are self employed you can set up one that is not a use it or lose it and actually build a retirement savings in it if you don’t use it or need it.  That is what I do.  You can stash away about 4300 dollars all tax deductible & soon you will have a savings that is like an emergency fund if you needed it to pay for your huge out of pocket you are liable for IF you use your plan or you can use it to pay for any so many natural health prevention treatments. So be sure to check that out.


Ok now here is the list of the top 10 reasons of death in the US for 2015.

1. Heart Disease – 611,005

2. Cancer – 584,881

3. Iatrogenic Disease fits in as #3 – 250,000


Now let me tell you a little about my dad before we start.  I am going to keep it short & simple although I can tellyou so much about him. One little warning is he speaks fast and with a Puerto Rican accent so you may have to listen a little more carefully than usual, although it seems all my guests are from all over the world & have all had accents.. laughing!


Bio of Dr. Jose Vidal MD

  • Born Dec 19, 1924 
  • Grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Attended University of Puerto Rico for 2 years & 1 year at St. Louis University
  • Attended medical school at Little Rock, Arkansas
  • During 3rd Medical School he joined the ROTC 
  • Applied for internship thru the Airforce at San Juan City Hospital & did a year of internship there.  Since he was already a 2nd lieutenant he made 125 from the Airforce & 75.00 from the government for the internship. 
  • He then had to put 2 years in the Airfare & he was sent to Turner Airforce base in Albay, Georgia.  He was there for 1 1/2 years.
  • The Korean war was getting worse because the Chinese were helping the North Koreans so they transferred the whole base to England in case they were needed. He was able to be discharged on his scheduled date 6 months later, but during that time in England he met his wife Phyllis Mary Coleman.
  • He went home to the US and moved to Minnesota for additional training which was 3 years of general medicine, but in the meantime he decided he wanted to marry Phyllis so he wrote her a letter with the proposal and she said yes.  
  • He married my mom Phyllis Coleman Vidal in 1952 & was married for 51 years
  • He did rotations in Ophthalmology, OBGYN, & Urology
  • He was able to get a 3 year residency with a famous ophthalmologist in Minneapolis, MN. 
  • After the 3 year residency ended he & Phyllis moved to Puerto Rico to start his practice.  He opened his first private practice there. 
  • Phyllis didn’t like living in Puerto Rico so they moved to Las Vegas.
  • Moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1962 & became the 2nd ophthalmologist in town.
  • Started his practice in Las Vegas as a partner with another doctor, but moved to his own practice a few years later.  He finished his career by practicing the last 10 years working with Dr. John Shephard at the Shephard Eye Clinic of Las Vegas.
  • Dr. Jose Vidal and his wife Phyllis Vidal had 5 children 
  • He lost his wife, Phyllis Vidal in 2005 from complications of Guillain-Barré Syndrome from the Flu shot.
  • Jose will be 92 years old December 19, 2016 


Mostly what I want to tell you about my dad is about really WHO he is not what he has accomplished.  Although he has accomplished a lot, such as doctor of the year in Las Vegas among many titles, it is the person he is that I am most proud of & want to tell you about. He is an amazing father, a person with impeccable honesty & integrity, and someone loved by all who meet him.  He is thoughtful & sensitive and loves to help people. He will drive at 91 years of age across town to take a remedy to a person just to help them.  He cries when he sees someone get well or at happy story, he cries at their sad stories also.  He stops to say hi to every child & asks them their name when he is walking by them in a restaurant & he will always touch a person who is disabled or handicapped & tell them how much he is proud of them being for being so brave & to keep positive in life! Basically my dad is loved by everyone that meets him.  So now you too can have the opportunity to meet him and love him too!  By meeting him you will get to know me better too.  So let’s go meet my papi or Dr. Jose Vidal MD

So sit back and relax but put your Spanish accent ears on and enjoy the show!


For Interview listen to podcast from vidalSPEAKS.com



First of all I hope you guys could understand my papi well enough. If you heard any thumps that is him using his hands and tapping his leg… it is hard to get a Puerto Rican to not use their hands when talking!  I loved at the end where he said I hope I didn’t ruin your podcast… that is so sweet & really you can see how humble my dad really is.  


He is the first person I trust with any medical question & at 91 he knows more about any specialty than most doctors do today.  He is honest, humble & a true humanitarian.  He always says if he didn’t have a family & a wife to support he would have worked in a mission for free to help children.  Everyone I know loves my dad as they loved my mom too.  I was fortunate to have such great parents because many don’t have that gift.

I feel so touched to have him as my dad.  He is someone who has truly dedicated his life to caring for his family & patients & friends.  Everywhere he goes people know him because he is always asking the how they are doing & he actually listens to them & when they need help he always offers to give them a homeopathic remedy, or he will ask me for advice he can offer to them, or he buys them a book on how to heal cancer naturally or sends them my podcast link, which is great now!  I am so touched by his generosity to really help others only because he really cares.  He is a real gem! At 91 one years old he is in better shape health wise than most 50 year olds I know today.  He is truly an amazing human being that has really fulfilled his life work in the world to heal and help others.  He has live a life of service to others & once he told me he came here to heal & help others, take care of my mom or his wife, & to play sports & if he died tomorrow he can feel at peace he did his life work!  How many people can say this today?  I am so proud of him as you can tell. I know I am biased but come on could you too tell what a great man he is?  Ok enough before I start crying…


I hope you enjoyed meeting Dr. Vidal aka my papi today!

Well you guys you know what time it is …

It is time to say goodbye!


Vidal has spoken! Actually both Vidal’s have spoken today!


Remember you heal with a plant powered diet, homeopathy & detoxing of course!




Be healthy

Be free

Live life!

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A few photos of me & my dad!

 Me & Dad 2012

Me & Dad 2012

BLOG Post from website:

Don’t become a statistic!! Learn how to change your health destiny.

We often feel the horror of our local and nation wide tragedies such as a train or plane crash, which kill hundreds of people.  We all feel so sympathetic to those who lost loved ones or those who sustained injuries that handicapped them and change their future.  Yet every year our medical system and healthcare model is killing or disabling about 250,000 people only from what is called IATROGENIC cause.  Iatrogenic is a term that means “of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment” which in other words means death by doctors treatments.  This includes doctor or hospital errors, negative effects of drugs, deadly drug interactions between medications, or unnecessary surgeries.  Actually the number of deaths stated in the JAMA journal is 250,000 but many say this is a very low estimate.  This statistic is a daily CRIME that is being covered up.  Many people have NO IDEA of the reality of just how dangerous it can be to take a medication, go to a hospital or follow standard medical recommendations by our doctors.  Did you know it is dangerous to treat only symptoms and not consider the cause?  This can lead to further ill health which can end up killing us. Only cancer and heart disease take more lives each year than the ones taken by Iatrogenic cause.


Now think about this… really!!!!!!!  This is scary considering how many people are on pharmaceutical drugs and how many patients trust their doctors with blind faith and do whatever they tell them to. I think more and more people now are beginning to search or opt for other options but the percentage is way too small when you see these statistics that are reported by our medical literature.  


By the way the photo for this blog is of my own mother’s grave.  She was a victim to the flu shot!  Sadly the decision she made to protect herself ended up killing her.  She got Guillain-Barré syndrome from that recommended medical treatment.  None of us think it can happen to us until it does!  We need to be educated about the risks of what doctors recommend as standard treatments.


Unfortunately most people feel we have better healthcare than other countries because of the high prices we pay for doctor visits and tests, but the US actually ranked second to last when the World Health Organization did a study of 13 countries.


Here is the list of the top 10 reasons of death in the US predicted for 2015.

(I have put iatrogenic disease in the place where it falls according to the numbers of deaths).


1. Heart Disease – 611,005

2. Cancer – 584,881

3. Iatrogenic Disease fits in as #3 – 250,000

4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease or COPD- 149,205

5. Accidents – 130,557

6. Stroke – 128,978

7. Alzheimer’s – 84,767

8. Diabetes – 75,578

9. Influenza & Pneumonia – 56.979

10. Kidney Disease – 47.112

11. Suicide – 41,149


Now 8 out of the 10 of those diseases are almost eradicated with eating a clean plant based diet and changing your lifestyle.  They are what are known as LIFESTYLE diseases.  Granted their may be the small percentage where genetics have afflicted someone but then if you throw in homeopathy and detox along with diet and lifestyle you can still improve that statistic more because it has been proven that lifestyle matters more than genetics.

We need to learn PREVENTION not treatment.  Hospitals and doctors are not the right place to go for CHRONIC diseases.  They only mask the symptoms and have no concern about the cause. Acute diseases are ones that come on fast and we can die from if we don’t get immediate help.  For example: Pneumonias, Flus, and injuries from an unexpected accident or surgeries to save a life after an injury.  This is where medicine can shine.  But for chronic disease we need to stay out of the doctors office and hospital and learn to reverse the disease with lifestyle and dietary changes and doing alternative treatments that treat the cause and the whole person like homeopathy.  PREVENTION is the key obviously!

Ask yourself: “Do I want to be part of our healthcare statistics?”

If not then I think you will be interested in listening more what I will speak about in the future.  Knowledge is powerful and with knowledge you can take responsibility for your own health and not put your trust into someone else.  We have one life to live.  I believe in feeling our best and having the energy to do what we want to… if that sounds good to you then start learning now about the changes you can begin to apply to turn around your health destiny.  Stay tuned in the next weeks for my podcast “VIDAL SPEAKS “ and for more blogs!  


Email from my sister Becky after the episode with my dad aired!

Oh Deborah!

I got on your podcast at 6am so Robert could hear most of the interview with Papi.  It turned out so great!  Your notes are invaluable to our family.  For years, we have always wanted to capsulate his biography and now you have perfected it!!!!  Your comments before and after were so good.  I laughed when you told your listeners to put on their spanish ears!  I thought I would be the #1 listener but when I finished and went back to check, I was #13.  Wow!  We must have all been on at the same time.  As you said, he started off with short, nervous answers but once he warmed up, you can just hear the compassion for helping people oozing out of every pore!!!  Thank you for doing this.  It is a treasure!  

I loved your title because it really truly shows how medicine has changed over the years.  We may have made huge leaps in technology but we have lost the compassion and concern that family doctors once had for their patients that they knew so well because of their relationship with them over the years.  BUT Papi really was an exceptionally caring and concerned doctor. Working for him, I remember he had some complicated patients with whom he went above and beyond the call of duty to try and help them.  One he sent to UCLA because of some neurological problem he suspected and was correct.  How many other doctors would have missed that? I remember the guy that was working and had a bird fly right into one of his eyes puncturing it.  What are the odds of that?  Papi saved his eyesight.    I remember the patient with 2 glass eyes that he was so kind to.  She had put a gun to her temples to commit suicide but in the end blinded herself by shooting out the optic nerves in both eyes.  So many heartwarming stories.   Papi truly was a one of a kind.  Look how dedicated he was to caring for Mom. He even cooked for her as her “Chef Pierre!”  

Wonderful and well done, Deborah!  I feel like Papi now, with my adam’s apple extended out, and being all choked up and teary eyed!!!

Love you mucho!


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