June 02, 2016

D. Anthony Evans – From TUMOR BOY to Plant-based Strong Man Who Lifts 700 pounds!

This episode is a story of pain, loss, recovery & transformation to inspire you! D. Anthony Evans was diagnosed with a disease called Neurofibromatosis at the age of 6. This is one of the most painful diseases known because tumors grow along all the nerve pathways in the body.  He was given the name of ‘TUMOR BOY’ by other kids and outsiders all his life.  Being the son of a mother with aids he had a short life with his mom, but in that short time he got more love from her than many do in a lifetime with their parents.  His mom told him he was beautiful every day & gave him the courage to not only fight his disease without her, but to go on to become one of the strongest men in the world physically because he can deadlift 700 pounds!  But the story doesn’t stop there… you just have to listen because I gave him all the time he needed to tell his whole story and this allows you to see how at any point it could have had a different ending had he not been touched by some key people in his life that reached out to help him.  Chef Choi the famous plant-based chef was one of those and you will hear how he helped him & continues to help him.  Truly an inspirational story so when you think you are having a bad day you need to listen to this one!  He is the kind of guy you just want to give a big hug to… that is IF you can get your arms around those huge muscles! LOL



Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!


Be healthy
Be free
Live LIFE!


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Welcome to vidalSPEAKS Wednesday my dear friends.  Today is an easy day… you will laugh, cry, feel deep sympathy, gratitude and feel completely inspired after the show today.  WHY?  Because today I have a guest who allowed all the time he needed to tell his story?  What makes his story so special… you are about to find out and I don’t want to spoil it too much.  But it starts by being diagnosed with one of the MOST painful diseases known called neurofibromatosis. This disease grows tumors on nerve tissue… can you imagine!  His story goes from pain, to being deformed with tumors & made fun to, to loss, to destruction & back to love and passion.  It is this passion that he uses now to inspire & give hope to the many other people with this disease or other cancer or difficult situations especially children.  He had key people that helped him be the person he is now and one of them is Chef Choi, as you will hear who made him promise to dedicate his life to getting the message out if he helped him.  You just have to listen to this one and if you think you are having a bad day then you will learn many others have a real burden in life to overcome & that can often make us feel better.  
I won’t say much now or after because it is a long one but worth every minute of listening believe me!

Now just a little bit about D. Anthony Evans…..

D. Anthony Evans’ also known as “D” outward appearance does not suggest that he suffered from an aggressive cancer. At age 6, D was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a rare inherited condition where tumors grow on nerve tissue. He’s had 9, 9 hour-long operations and 325 tumors removedto date. Evans said, “Without his plant-based lifestyle, intense fitness regimen and positive mindset, he would be not have survived.” D serves as an Ambassador Constituent Team Lead for the American Cancer Society, inspirational speaker, a cancer thriver and awareness advocate, an author, a strength coach, and an at-risk youth mentor.

I hope you guys feel like I did after this… like you just want to hug him and say thank you for being you, and sharing your goodness in our world.  Thank you for helping others have hope, thank you for making so many smile including me that day & you guys today!  Thank you Chef Choi for doing your work in the world to help someone who has the passion and the power to pay it forward.  

We all need to learn how to pay it forward & not care what we get in return don’t we?

I hope you loved his story.  If you do go like his Facebook page and send him a message.  

Well you guys you know what time it is …
It is time to say goodbye!

Vidal has spoken!

Remember you heal with a plant powered diet as show today by D, and homeopathy and detoxing of course!


Be healthy
Be free
Live life!

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