March 16, 2016

Part 2 – Dr. Patrick Vickers – The Most Comprehensive Solution For Advanced Cancer & Disease!

#7 – Dr. Patrick Vickers of the Northern Baja Gerson Center

Part 2

Dr. Vicker’s on: The most comprehensive solution for advanced cancer & disease

Part 2 – In this episode Dr. Patrick Vickers talks about how the sugar from vegetables & fruits is what cures cancer & disease and how this idea has been completely misunderstood & caused the lie that these sugars cause cancer.  He is dedicated to show you the science of not only why this is NOT true but why they are necessary to heal. He also goes much more into detail of the importance of a coffee enema and talks in great detail about how they work.  Dr. Vickers is the founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Center where they cure end stage disease and use coffee enemas 5x a day to detox the patients.  Listen to WHY you too should do them & how combining them with juicing is so important.  Many people juice but don’t do the coffee enemas & some do coffee enemas without juicing but he explains why these work hand in hand & should be used together. If you try a coffee enema I can promise you that will feel a huge difference even after doing one! I wanted an expert on vidalSPEAKS podcast to share the science behind how they work & he is the guy!  You will learn a lot I promise.  Just listen with an open mind.  

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This show today is dedicated to my best friend and soul sister Ellen.  The reason why I want to dedicate this show to Ellen is because I wanted to do a show just for her and this is the perfect one because it is on the Gerson Therapy and part 2 deals so much with coffee enemas and answers so many of our questions that it seemed fitting for this show to be the right one. Ellen is a breast cancer survivor who incorporates much of the Gerson Therapy into her daily life.  Ellen and met at our post graduate homeopathic training in Italy.  We saw each other and just knew we had to become instant best friends.  Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after we met in the year 2001 and I think I was as shocked and grief stricken as she was when she got the diagnosis. But it was this difficult time that bonded our friendship into what we call a sistership now!
She was having extreme pressure put on her by the doctors, her friends and even her family because they wanted her to do the traditional treatment of radiation and chemo and they wanted to start immediately. I watched and supported Ellen thru her diagnosis mostly telling her to listen to her heart and follow what she believed in because in the end it is only you that has to live or die by your choice and no one else.  You will hear all of Ellen’s story soon as she will be a guest on the show, but I will tell you she chose not to do traditional treatment although no one supported her choice really but me.
Ellen is now vegan, still juicing and doing daily coffee enemas and feels happy she listened to her heart.  So Ellen baby, this one is for you!  We should toast with a carrot juice sister after this one!

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How was your week?  Did any of you try a coffee enema?  Did you juice?  Eat more greens, veggies & fruits?  Whole foods those are the foods from the gods!  Always remember that.  The best diet is one that has the MOST nutrition in it and don’t let anyone tell you any different.  Meat has no nutrition! It is the power of plants that will turn your life around.
Keep on track with your baby steps and just keep adding one more thing in your wellness toolbox!  You are getting there and you have this show as your support system so congratulations for your changes and keep up the good work!
A reminder about Dr. Vickers & his work

All I want to say as a reminder that Dr. Vickers is for sure the most knowledgeable person on earth regarding the Gerson Therapy and how to reverse end stage disease and give people back their life.  The great thing about Dr. Vicker’s Clinic which is called the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic is that he is taking Dr. Gerson’s therapy and moving into the modern era NOT by changing the diet at all but by adding in to the therapy other modalities that have been shown to heal cancer such as:  High dose Vit C IV therapy, Laetrile IV therapy, Aloe Vera, Frankincense oil, infrared sauna therapy and many more things so I can imagine this must be the best option to really heal if one is sick because he takes the already successful Gerson therapy and adds to it all these beneficial cancer therapies!  WOW.

I know you must be excited to hear Part 2 so we are going to get the show on the road right away.  I hope after today you will incorporate a few more healthy principles to your life AND you will question things you have been eating or doing in your lifestyle because part of really understanding and changing it to honestly question what we are doing and if it what we are doing is really serving us in living life to the fullest and to live life in a way we can avoid disease as best as possible.  The only way to do this is with a high NUTRIENT dense plant powered diet.  So listen and learn… and take a few more baby steps on your health journey today.  Here we go…

Let’s get on with the SHOW!

BIO: Who is Dr. Patrick Vickers?
Dr. Patrick Vickers is the Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic. His mission is to provide patients with the highest quality and standard of care available in the world today for the treatment of advanced (and non-advanced) degenerative disease. His dedication and commitment to the development of advanced protocols has led to the realization of exponentially greater results in healing disease. Dr. Vickers, along with his highly trained staff, provides patients with the education, support, and resources to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Patrick was born and raised outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the age of 11 years old, after witnessing a miraculous recovery from a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Patrick’s passion for natural medicine was born. Giving up careers in professional golf and entertainment, Dr. Patrick obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Life University before going on to receive his doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 1997.

While a student at New York Chiropractic College(NYCC), Dr. Patrick befriended Charlotte Gerson, the last living daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. who Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer called, ” One of the most eminent geniuses in medical history. “Dr. Gerson, murdered in 1959, remains the most censured doctor in the history of medicine as he was reversing virtually every degenerative disease known to man, including TERMINAL cancer.

Upon graduating from NYCC in 1997, Dr. Patrick went on to study the Gerson Therapy directly under Charlotte Gerson at her home in San Diego, California. While living with Charlotte, Dr. Patrick spent several months going through Dr. Gerson’s handwritten files of all his active patients from 1910-1959; files that Charlotte has kept in her home to this day. Included in those files were hundreds of handwritten letters from Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, to Dr. Max Gerson. Schweitzer and Gerson were best friends after Gerson cured Schweitzer’s wife, Helena, of terminal tuberculosis when she had just 3 months to live. Gerson also cured Schweitzer, himself, of severely advanced diabetes, in SIX weeks, eight years before Schweitzer won the Nobel Prize.

After several months of studying Dr. Gerson’s files, and several more months interning at the Gerson Clinic, Dr. Patrick opened chiropractic and Gerson clinics in Peru, Guatemala and Mexico before returning to the United States, in 2008, to open up this non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the Gerson Therapy.
Since that time, Dr. Patrick has been traveling around the world lecturing at international embassies, Latin American medical schools and other miscellaneous venues.


What is Gerson Therapy?
The Advanced Gerson Therapy is a comprehensive, wholistic, all-natural approach utilizing a myriad of scientifically proven immunological nutritional and detoxification therapies to successfully reverse a vast majority of degenerative diseases including terminal cancer.  You will find an oasis of health treatments at the Northern Baja Gerson Center who combine the proven principles of Dr. Max Gerson M. D. and the Gerson Therapy with advanced immunotherapies for the optimal healing of chronic degenerative diseases.  The Gerson Therapy has nearly 100 years of proven, unsurpassed success in the treatment of advanced, “terminal” and non-terminal degenerative diseases as well as being the highest standard for the prevention of disease.

Links of things discussed in the show

Northern Baja Gerson Center website 

Link of Dr. Vickers on a you tube video speaking of juicing & coffee enemas

Link to buy special Gerson Therapy Roast coffee for enemas sold by Cafe Mam

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Check out the Huron slow juicers.  Sold on Amazon so please use my banner to buy if you decide to get it.  🙂

Books on Gerson Therapy
This one is my favorite
Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases by Charlotte Gerson

WOW what an interview.  I did that all in one go and it was 2 hours and I can tell you I was so pumped up after that one!

I hope you guys liked that.  I have to go down to Dr. Vickers Clinic and check it out.  I am probably the first crazy person that would do that drastic therapy as a vacation if I could afford it for sure I would do it!  

I am so thrilled to know there is a place like this in the world and so happy to hear he is expanding with clinics now in other countries and this huge opportunity he has in Indonesia.  I really hope it goes BIG because he deserves it.  You can tell how dedicated he is to Dr. Gerson’s work and how responsible he feels to take it one step further and to spread the word.  

AS I said before It takes a tremendous effort to do the Gerson therapy and we all have to hope we don’t NEED to do it, but we all should want to do it for prevention or adhere to their main principles of their therapy such as: no sodium, lots of juicing, coffee enemas & a diet filled with as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Remember they believe that disease is from lack of nutrition and an overload of toxins and their therapy changes health right down to the cellular level.  So every time you eat.. just ask yourself if what you are eating is filled with lots of good nutrients… and if you are eating meat and dairy and processed food even if it is vegan the answer is NO!

So move forward and continue your smoothies, try a coffee enema and make your days worth of juices that day and keep them in a thermos or a one quart canning jar in the fridge so you have that to replace your minerals.  Then eat as many plants and fruits in their whole food form as possible.  Stay aware… watch, and take one small step at a time.  You can do it… Vidal is here to help support you…

You know when many people go plant based or make big dietary changes they get a lot of slack from others. I remember when I was in Japan and as an athlete it was unheard of to be a vegan… I got so much grief. They used to tell me I could not sustain all my training on that diet… really I used to say there are iron man athletes that are vegan and Carl Lewis is vegan and so on….. it is something you have to learn to deal with… be strong and know what you are doing is the healthiest choice for you EVEN IF your better half or other family members or friends don’t like what you are doing.  It is only because they are not ready to change and give up their addictions.  Remember Dr. Vickers said eating is emotional so of course you changing the way are eating is threatening their addictions and habits.  But that is no reason to keep yourself in this dead end lifestyle that is not adding any energy or health to your life!  So if you tune in each week and let the vidalSPEAKS podcast show be your support.  If we all do this together we won’t feel so alone.

Remember if you don’t have a juicer ask for one for your next birthday or holiday gift!
Many ask me what kind to buy… I think the slow juicers are the best bet since they don’t spin the juice and create so much friction which takes some of the nutrition away.  But if you have one already just use what you have and get started.  If you don’t have one research the slow juicers…. the health benefits are well worth the effort and you just have to put it in your routine.  

Ok …. I can’t wait to hear from you guys … let me know what you thought of the show?  Let me know if you tried a coffee enema, juiced, ate more greens, veggies, and fruits, and or cut back on salt?  If so let me know how it was for you…  do you have any questions?  Now I know you MUST have coffee enema questions and believe me I am the queen of answers because honestly I can tell you I personally have experienced every possible problem and so I now know how to answer your questions.  I think since my role in life was to help others I had to be a person to get a lot of things because if I get them then I have to learn how to heal them in order for me to teach and help others…. LOL.  It is true though… I can help you with any coffee enema problems.  Don’t be shy ask… and I shall help you!

It will take you a while to digest all you learned in this 2 part podcast with Dr. Vickers, but I am sure you will remember a lot of key points and it will be life changing.  So keep plugging away… one step at a time… let every thing you add make you more joyful and feel the life energy you are filling into your trillions of cells!

So I guess you know what time it is…
Time to say goodbye

Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoyed the show!


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