January 11, 2017

Nicholai Jablokov – Getting the Right Minerals For the Body To Maximize Health – Episode 52


Nicholai Jablokov is the President, CEO, and co-founder of Good State Inc, an ionic mineral and nutritional supplement company founded in 2009 based in Fort Washington, PA. A former college athlete, Nicholai had goals and aspirations of making it to the next level. 

He had the physical tools and mental makeup but was unable to perform at his highest level due to severe nutrient deficiencies. After personal research and due diligence, he was able to understand the benefits and importance of a complete nutritional program. From there, he worked in major vitamin & health retail stores and helped countless customers get themselves on track towards a healthier lifestyle. Over time he realized the amount of energy and effort it took to try and pick out quality supplement products from a seemingly endless selection. It then became his goal to start a company which provided top quality supplements and support to help people give their body what it needs for a good state of health. From his research and experience, he decided that highly absorbable ionic minerals were the direction he needed to go. Nearly 10 years later and thousands of customers served, it is still Nicholai’s belief that the key to a good state of health is providing the body what it needs in the correct absorbable form.

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One of my most downloaded episodes is the one Lloyd and I did a while back about vitamin and mineral supplements. That means you’re probably going to really enjoy the topic of this episode. It’s about how you can get the minerals for your body and their importance for our health. But it’s not only about taking supplements to ensure you’re getting the minerals you need, it’s about taking them in the right way and in the right form. My guest today has the experience and knowledge to tell us all about those variables and how to apply them to our health appropriately. I want you to meet Nicholai Jablokov.


Ionic minerals are the right minerals for the body. They are the form that the body can actually utilize. But what makes the difference between ionic minerals and earth minerals – and more importantly, how can you tell if you’re getting the right kind? My guest today is Nicholai Jablokov, a man who has studied the issue and created the right minerals for the body to solve his own health problems. You can hear his story and find out what he’s produced to help others, on this episode.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to getting the right minerals for your body. You can’t expect that a multi-mineral from the health food store will solve your mineral problems because YOUR body has specific needs that are unique to you. You need to be able to do a hair test to find out exactly what minerals you are deficient in. Nicholai Jablokov chats with me about how his company, Good State approaches the issue of specific minerals for specific people, on this episode. I think you’ll be encouraged by the good work they are doing.

If you need to take control of your health issues you need to be aware of the deficiencies most people experience when it comes to minerals. Magnesium and potassium are two of the most common that people need and are not getting. On this episode of Vidal Speaks you can find out how to discover your own unique needs and more importantly, how to remedy your problems. I chat with Nikolai Jablokov of Good State on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [2:00] My introduction and welcome! New Year’s resolutions this year?
  • [4:25] Why a plant powered diet is the best for you and for the planet.
  • [6:12] Today’s episode on minerals and their importance.
  • [9:10] Who is Nicholai Jablokov?
  • [13:58] How Nicholai went from being a football player with an exciting future ahead to an expert on minerals.
  • [16:50] The dramatic symptoms Nicholai was experiencing that led to his discovery.
  • [22:16] The path to discovering what the exact issue was in his health dilemma.
  • [24:55] Why it’s important that minerals are able to enter the red blood cells.
  • [27:57] What exactly IS an ionic mineral and how are they extracted?
  • [39:00] The importance of absorption.
  • [46:41] How the body reacts to the rock-form minerals from the ground.
  • [52:10] Multimineral formulas that are on the way.
  • [55:40] How the tests that show mineral depletions are usually too late.

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