March 15, 2017

Neurotoxins and Mystery Illness: Using Nature to Help Us Detox and Heal – Episode 61


Why are so many people suffering from mystery illnesses? If you don’t know, you’re in good company, because most doctors don’t know, either. Today I want to talk to you about what is causing these problems, and what you can do about it. If you are suffering from chronic pain or an undiagnosable disease, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode and start your journey to a better life.

Neurotoxins are to blame for many mystery illnesses. In this episode I’ll explain what neurotoxins are, how they find their way into your body on a daily basis, the damage they cause, and how they are related to viruses. We’ll also talk about symptoms of toxic overload and, more importantly, how to begin ridding your body of these toxic substances. Listen to today’s episode to learn how to use nature to heal your body.

My own story is the reason that detoxing and natural remedies are so important to me. In today’s episode, I’ll tell you more about my own journey of struggle with illness and pain, in myself, my partner Lloyd, and in my patients. What I discovered on my journey changed the direction of my life and career, as well as putting me on the road to health and a better life. I hope you’ll listen in, because what worked for me can make a huge difference in your own life and health, too.

What type of cleanse should you use to rid your body of neurotoxins? There are so many good things you can do. In this episode, I’ll tell you about several types of cleanses that you can do, so that you can choose what will be the best starting place for you. The most important thing is that you get started (and that you don’t move too quickly). Listening to this podcast will give you the tools you need to make choices that will help heal your body.

As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” You are what you eat. Eating clean foods is the biggest thing you can do to detox and begin healing from whatever mystery illness or chronic pain has been disrupting your life. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to choose what you eat, and how those choices affect your health. I’ll also dispel some of the myths around some raw foods you may have been told aren’t good for you. Listen in, and eat well.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [2:00] Intro to this episode on neurotoxins and detoxing.
  • [6:52] Vidal’s background with mystery illness.
  • [13:44] Viruses and the damage they do to your body.
  • [15:41] Why are so many people suffering from mystery illnesses?
  • [18:12] Neurotoxins are to blame for many mystery illnesses.
  • [21:54] Review of how our body gets toxic.
  • [28:00] Symptoms of toxic overload.
  • [31:03] Break: Thank-you’s, and product information about distiller and ionic minerals.
  • [33:21] Vidal’s own story and how detoxing has changed her life.
  • [44:59] Various cleanses and how they affect your body.
  • [55:10] Getting started with a cleanse.
  • [57:05] Fruit is one of the most healing foods we can eat.
  • [58:57] Using herbs and supplements for detox.
  • [1:03:43] The five foods in the heavy metal detox from Medical Medium.
  • [1:07:01] Vidal’s favorite herbs and herbal tinctures
  • [1:09:05] Homeopathic remedies.

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