October 02, 2019

meSPEAKS- Vidal speaks On A Raw Vegan Diet VS. Cooked Vegan Diet – Ep 129

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Details about this episode:

In this episode I discuss my personal journey eating an all fruit diet & how so much changed when I transitioned to an all raw vegan diet.  I get asked so many times to compare a raw vegan diet with a cooked vegan diet & today I wanted to share with you my opinion based on many trials and errors of doing a raw vegan diet.  I answer many of your questions & you will love this episode.  I end with all my conclusions based on my own experience of my 18 month all fruit diet and my many failures to go raw & what I learned from them.


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Questions I answer in this episode:

Why do you not think a raw food diet is the best diet?

Why is it so hard to maintain weight on a proper raw food diet?

Do I advocate a cooked vegan diet?

What are the challenges of eating an all fruit diet?

What are the biggest benefits of eating an all fruit diet?


I discuss my personal journey and my conclusions in this episode.