January 10, 2018

meSPEAKS – Toxic Overload: From Sickness to Wellness with Deborah Vidal.
Episode 100

Vidal is talking with you today at the Vidal Speaks Show. She is a former 11 years LPGA pro, now classical homeopath and certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach, who has the purpose of helping you take charge of your health and feel your best. No matter where you are on your journey of wellness, Vidal is here to help you.


This is the first of four episodes where Vidal focuses on detoxing, teaching about toxins, and how we can safely detox our bodies from these poisons. She is sharing her story, a path of health struggles and detox, of research and testing. Vidal shares all her true mentors so you, too, can learn from them.


Vidal is also presenting her new detox kit, that finally came together, after many years of experimenting and researching. Listen to Vidal Speaks Podcast and expand your ideas about detox and toxicity. Health is freedom and knowledge is power!


Outline of This Great Episode
[9:13] Early diseases in children and young adult as a result of exposure to toxins.

[11:25] List of basic health principles.

[12:55] Vidal’s story.

[19:38] Aspirines in history vs. homeopath treatment for the flu.

[25:26] How Vidal started studying chemicals, pesticides, and toxins and how they impact our bodies.

[28:55] Vidal’s mentors.

[30:30] Coffee enemas for migraines.

[31:11] Mentor: Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte.

[32:02] Becoming certified.

[32:15] Mentor: Dr. L. Wilson, an expert on hair test interpretation.

[32:55] Metal toxicity.

[34:11] Way to detox people that don’t get better with supplements and remedies.

[35:58] Raw food diet. Mentor: Norman W Walker.

[36:50] Mentor: Dr. Pompa. HCF.

[39:48] Mentor: Dr. Andy Cutler, the mercury detox guru.

[45:21] Mentor: Dr. Robert Morse, naturopath.

[46:01] Mentor: Dr. Bernard Jensen, master of teaching the importance of a clean colon. Best iridologist.

[47:04] Mentor: Ann Wigmore advocate of raw food diet.

[48:15] Mentor: Antony Williams. The true function of the thyroid and autoimmune diseases.

[51:15] Homeopathy teachers: Dr. Master and David Little.

[57:50] Vidal recommends all organic and vegan products.


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