September 08, 2021

Mercury Toxicity / How To Detox From Mercury – Part 1 – Ep-143

In this episode, you will learn some NEW ways to understand Mercury toxicity AND how to get it out of your body. Dr. Bill McGraw was sick from Mercury toxicity & had to learn how to heal himself and now shares how he did it so you too can learn. The leader in mercury detox, Dr. Andrew Cutler whose episodes on my podcast are the #1 viewed episode were the last he did, as he did shortly after. Until now, no one has given us any new info, but Dr. Bill has new info & methods to help you detox. Listen & learn!




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Dr. Bill McGraw is originally from the United States, but he has lived and worked in four other countries for a total of 19 years, including Panama where he currently resides with his Panamanian wife. He has three degrees, three different majors, from three different universities including a Ph.D. in aquaculture. Dr. Bill writes and publishes research articles in scientific journals and websites, while periodically teaching an online class called Basics of Aquaculture. His current passion is healing people from chronic disease using Rife technology, heavy metal detox, and diet and lifestyle changes. During the last 3 years, he has published two books on heavy metals, both available on Amazon. Dr. Bill hopes to finish a degree in naturopathic medicine as soon as time and travel allow, in the meantime, he will continue with his passion for research and publishing in the fields of health, agriculture, coral reefs, and GMOs. 


Mercury, The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease

Ever wonder why so many modern chronic diseases that were unheard of a century ago seem to have no cure? Mercury is the second most toxic element known. It has been around long before modern humans ever began but its concentration in our environment and food has increased by over a factor of 10 times since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Dr. Bill McGraw describes in amazing detail the whole story of mercury and how it came to be one of the biggest contributors of toxicity in the human body. From when and where it has been mined in the earth to how it became prevalent in so many polluting industries and most importantly, how it gets into our bodies and why it is so very hard to remove. Mercury, The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease contain the most complete description of the history of mercury toxicity, including the Minimater disaster from the 1950s to the present day. All major polluting industries are detailed including processes, locations, and current outputs.

Chapters on mercury in fish and marine mammals are unprecedented in their scope and range while chapters on the description of pain and inflammation in the human body will leave no questions unanswered. Mercury is responsible for deadly Alzheimer’s, debilitating chronic fatigue, ubiquitous cataracts, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, arthritis, and allergies. The link between all of these ailments and mercury are explained in relation to all the relevant information available providing the ultimate truth about the relationship of this heavy metal to so many problems we now face. The modern forms of chelation, sweat therapy and other techniques for mercury removal from the human body are described in their entirety. This book has 45 graphs, maps, tables and pictures and includes information from over 500 sources from the latest scientific research papers to all of the well-known, modern health books so many readers of this book will recognize. This is the complete story of mercury that no one can afford to miss.

Aluminum Detox, An Easy Solution

Measurable amounts of pure aluminum has not existed in our environment before the process to separate it from aluminum ore began on an extraordinarily large scale during the last few decades. It has been shown through experimental research that as much as 85% of the aluminum that we take in through the air, water, food, medicine, vaccines, and cosmetics ends up in our brains, resulting in killing 35% of all elderly over the age of 80 in our modern world. This number is expected to increase to 50% during the next 20 years. Imagine if the 100s of millions of deaths from aluminum toxicity can be stopped with one easy solution.

Moreover, vaccines containing aluminum provoke an entirely different inflammatory response compared to live attenuated vaccines that don’t contain any heavy metals. It has been shown through documented research repeatedly, that heavy metals in vaccines are detrimental to health and have caused countless amounts of suffering and death. The importance of this information currently goes without saying.

From the blue zone with the special mineral waters that have been imperative to reinforce the answer, follow this incredible journey with Dr. Bill McGraw. He provides all the details of how to prevent aluminum toxicity in the human body and how to remove this deadly heavy metal. Alzheimer’s is a leading cause of death and the cause and cure of this disease is not only known but being widely suppressed by modern medicine. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Read this book and spread the word so that the horrible suffering of neuro-degenerative disease can end.