January 03, 2018

Low-Dose Medicine for Detoxing with Dr. Alessandro Perra

Low-Dose Medicine for Detoxing with Dr. Alessandro Perra
Episode 99

Deborah Vidal welcomes to Vidal Speaks Podcast Alessandro Pera, director of Guna S.P.A. scientific department. He is the member of the International Advisory Committee of the project’s scientific proofs of the efficacy of homeopathy, since the beginning he has been a member of the International Workshop on Physiological Regulating Medicine, dealing with research and teaching in this field. He is involved in the field of research about low-dose interleukin’s effects on cells and on animal models. He is an international speaker on Physiological Regulating Medicine. He is also the author of several papers on homeopathy, homotoxicology and physiological regulating medicine published in specialized journals.


Guna is a company that is known throughout the world for producing innovative products, that are effective and without negative side effects. Recent studies of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, applied to medicinal plants and to biological molecules, allowed Guna to discover the extraordinary therapeutic possibilities of the active ingredients in low doses used in its products.


Dr. Pera says about homeopathy that there is no need to believe in it, just to look at the science behind it. This episode is filled with scientific facts about how and why these remedies are effective and respectful to us as human beings.


Outline of This Great Episode
[13:59] How Dr. Pera got interested in Homeopathy.

[16:20] Homeopathy is science, not a belief.

[17:30] What is low-dose medicine about?

[18:12] Three basic principles of low-dose medicine.

[19:22] Revolutionary idea: to bring back a sick organ to the original physiological condition.

[22:09] Relationship of nano pharmacology and low-dose medicine.

[22:56] Research on low-dose medicine and homeopathy remedies.

[27:20] PNEI (Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immune) System.

[32:01] An example of the science behind Arnica uses.

[36:05] Extracellular matrix: the space between cells and its function.

[39:58] Detoxify the extracellular matrix to get rid of bad symptoms and for medication to work better.

[48:29] Removing toxins at the level of the extracellular matrix with specific medication and choosing which organ will do the final excretion of the toxin.

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[52:54] When there is a specific disease you first detoxify the extracellular matrix or you can treat both at the same time.

[55:01] Some diseases require conventional medication.

[57:05] The big problem for modern medicine is inflammation.

[1:00:16] The correct lifestyle needs to accompany the treatment.

[1:01:31] PNEI is the key to our wellness, a network that connects systems to have homeostasis.

[1:06:23] Why homeopathic detox is better than supplements or herbs for detox?

[1:10:16] How detoxing works in a very severe case.

[1:12:44] Why is it more beneficial to proceed with cycles of therapy?

[1:14:25] PH balancing.


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