January 17, 2018

How Toxins Affect Our Bodies with Deborah Vidal – Episode 101

Deborah Vidal is talking with you today at the Vidal Speaks Show. She is a former 11-year LPGA pro, now classical homeopath and certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach. Each week Deborah brings you knowledge, inspiration or natural remedies to help you take charge of your health and to feel your best.

This episode is the second of four shows about detoxification; it first started as two but Vidal wants to share all her secrets with her audience. Today’s show is dedicated to talking about some of the poisons our bodies are dealing with today. Get ready for some difficult truths, needed for you to know in order to achieve the health you and your family deserve. Health is freedom and knowledge is power. Enjoy the show!

Outline of This Great Episode

[4:12] Eating clean and simple for detox.

[12:11] Environmental toxins, some are not able to be avoided.

[15:04] First toxins: BPA, Bisphenol A.

[16:55] Dioxins, PCB, and pesticide DDT.

[18:30] Not being able to lose weight is a sign of toxicity.

[20:50] Atrazine turns male frogs into females.

[22:25] Phthalates, mostly found in fragrances.

[25:48] Perchlorate used for rocket fuel; found in water and food and interferes with the thyroid function.

[26:57] Flame retardants and its connection to cancer.

[32:01] PFC perfluorinated chemicals found in Teflon and every non-stick, stain-resistant and waterproof product.

[38:09] Pesticides and their effects on our bodies according to different levels of exposure.

[46:12] Benzene is a volatile organic compound found inside and out of your house.

[54:15] Heavy metals are neurotoxins; arsenic and mercury are two of them.

[59:45] Amalgams are filled with mercury that intoxicates our bodies.

[1:05:28] Bacteria and Viruses.

[1:12:08] Viruses mutate and there is no antiviral medication.

[1:14:40] Energetics like cell towers and EMFs.

[1:17:15] Emotional toxins, how joy and optimism can heal.

[1:20:12] How we think and live every day affects our DNA.

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