January 31, 2018

Homeopathic Drainage (Detox) with Deborah Vidal – Episode 103

Deborah Vidal welcomes you to the Vidal Speaks Show, where she is sharing a series on Detoxing and this is the last of four shows that gives enough information to make responsible decisions and take action over the toxins we are daily exposed to. Toxins are also considered blockages nowadays, that is why it is very important today, more than ever, to detox.

Vidal is a former 11-year LPGA pro, now classical homeopath and certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach. Each week Deborah brings you knowledge, inspiration, or natural remedies to help you take charge of your health and to feel your best. Vidal believes health is freedom and knowledge is power; this podcast’s purpose is to give you the power to take steps towards freeing yourself from the chains that hold you back from having the energy to do all you want in life.


Listen to this episode and learn how homeopathic detox is a way to rejuvenate our bodies and open up the channels to heal through natural medicine. Enjoy!


Outline of This Great Episode

[5:14] Blockages created from toxins.

[6:33] Homeopathy approach to blockages.

[8:10] Heavy metals and their effect on people’s health.

[9:25] Nature medicine is the most powerful.

[10.01] A case of pain syndrome where nothing was working.

[12:40] Homeopathy for detox: Drainage.

[13:51] The patient is a result of their surroundings.

[18:57] History of homeopathic drainage.

[21:03] Homeopathic detox as a way to rejuvenate our bodies.

[21:40] Definition and roles of drainage.

[22:56] Glandulars.

[25:43] Homeopaths need to treat patients differently because of our modern toxins.

[26:20] Definition of toxins.

[27:55] Different ways of detoxing.

[29:55] All detox programs aid our natural detoxification system.

[30:45] Dangers of detoxification.

[32:05] Toxic recirculation: moving too many toxins out of our body too fast.

[35:12] Mercury detox.

[36:48] Examples of toxic recirculation.

[40:15] A true detox must stimulate the excretion and also assist the toxins out.

[40:28] True binders for detox.

[41:38] True binders: DMPS and DMSA.

[43:32] EDTA used as a binder.

[43:55] Upper and lower detox.

[44:40] Healing won’t happen in the cell if you don’t clean the matrix.

[49:32] Upper-level detox simultaneously with a lower level to avoid detox recirculation.

[52:05] Detox should be done in cycles.

[52:37] Detoxing our brains safely.

[54:01] ALA uses

[57:25] Restore the PNEI system.

[59:20] The Vidal detox and wellness kit.

[1:01:05] Toxic overload symptoms.

[1:03:01] Why the Vidal detox kit is effective.

[1:05:16] Easy to take, not even one pill!

[1:07:55] Summary of a safety detox.


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