January 24, 2018

Healing From Within: Detoxifying Systems In Your Body with Deborah Vidal. Episode 102

Deborah Vidal is talking with you today at the Vidal Speaks Show for a better understanding of our body’s natural detoxification system and why it’s not enough for modern day toxic overload.

Vidal is a former 11-year LPGA pro, now classical homeopath and certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach. Each week Deborah brings you knowledge, inspiration, or natural remedies to help you take charge of your health and to feel your best. Vidal believes health is freedom and knowledge is power; this podcast’s purpose is to give you the power to take steps towards freeing yourself from the chains that hold you back from having the energy to do all you want in life.

Get ready for a journey through all the detoxification systems contained in our bodies, learning how they work and which are the signs they give us when they are not functioning properly. Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel and many have never experienced that, listen to this podcast and start getting closer to a healthier you!

Outline of This Great Episode

[3:07] Our body’s natural detoxification system.

[6:12] Organ detox 101.

[7:50] Systems that help us detox.

[8:44] The skin.

[10:13] Connection between the skin and the other organs.

[11:04] The lungs.

[12:08] Our indoor environment is more toxic than the outdoor environment.

[14:58] The liver.

[16:38] Signs of an unhealthy liver.

[18:40] The kidneys clean our blood.

[22:08] Symptoms that show your kidneys are suffering.

[25:42] The bowel, the key to absorb the nutrients.

[28:44] The gut as a second brain.

[30:12] Colon cleansing.

[32:15] The lymphatic system.

[33:57] The lymph fluid.

[35:53] The lymph vessels and nodes.

[39:40] Symptoms of a poor lymph system.

[41:12] Extracellular matrix, fluid around and in between every cell.

[45:45] Fasting and diet are also ways of detoxing but they are not enough.

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