April 13, 2016

Felicity Corbin Wheeler – Take Your Life Back By Treating The 4 D’s: Detox, Deficiency, Dehydration & Destress

Show Notes – Episode #12
Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Description of Podcast #12
In this episode of vidalSPEAKS you will hear a remarkable recovery story about how Felicity Corbin Wheeler who was given 6 weeks to live after her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer & what she did to heal herself.  Her motivation was her loss of her daughter more than 10 years prior to Hodgkins Cancer and because she watched her suffer horrible with the traditional treatments of Chemo & Radiation.  Before her daughter passed she said “Mom there must be a better way!” From that point on Felicity went full throttle into the research mode to learn why she got the cancer and what could have been done only to find out that all she learned would give her a chance to cure herself!  Stories like this need to get out so we can see the power behind a whole food, mostly raw organic plant based diet, along with the necessity to detox, juice and heal emotions that chain us down. I would always add homeopathy into the list of must do’s when dealing with cancer or any chronic disease.

Remember the healing is in plants!

Be healthy
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Intro to Felicity Corbin Wheeler
Ok a little about our guest today.  Her name is Felicity Corbin Wheeler.  Some of you may know her because she was in the movie called The Truth About Cancer as one of the many people they interviewed who cured themselves of cancer without chemo or radiation.  The thing that is unusual about Felicity’s story is she cured herself of end stage pancreatic cancer & that is UNHEARD of.  As many of you know, pancreatic cancer is often considered the one you die the fastest of.  She was diagnosed and given only 6 weeks to live.  You will hear her story but she had a bigger reason to live than just to save her own life.  You will hear why!  

Felicity is an author of a book called: God’s Healing Word. She presents a 90 minute “Get Well Stay Well” satellite TV health program that reaches 169 countries. The program is about strengthening our God-given Immune System, understanding the infinite intelligence of the biology of cells, eliminating toxicity and restoring deficiency with the living foods we were designed to live on.  She built a hospital in Uganda in memory of her daughter.  Felicity is a former British Red Cross nurse and Houses of Parliament researcher, she is a Hallelujah Acres Christian Health Minister, and Hippocrates Health Educator, is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.   She is also a member of the International Medical Veritas Association & Campaign for Truth in Medicine, and offers Get Well – Stay Well courses in Europe for people who seek health and abundant energy.

Please be sure to read the show notes to learn all about her.  
Now without further a due let’s get started. So sit back relax, drive or do what you want to do and enjoy the show.  Here we go!
Felicities Bio & Story told in this episode
As taken from her website

How it all began

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

I have created this educational website to spread awareness of the natural, non toxic, immune building, Integrated Health ways that are healing people round the world, and how I healed my own diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003.
I founded my Get Well STAY Well Ministry in memory of my beautiful and very brave daughter Melanie who was afflicted with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on her 18th birthday and died of “the best” chemotherapy and radiation UK could provide in her twenty first year, in 1989. Frankly, she was tortured to death.

Having grown up in Africa and being in Christian ministry, I built a Nurses Home at Kiwoko Christian Hospital Uganda, in her memory. Melanie was a kind, loving, sunny girl, head of her house at school, a volunteer nurse and undergraduate at London University when her life in this world was so cruelly taken from her by cancer..

Kiwoko Hospital – Uganda
I promised her just before she died that I would so ALL I could to find “a better way” of dealing with the modern day scourge of cancer which afflicts at increasingly younger ages.

Contrary to lies about statistics, and all the hype about cancer research, Dr. Francisco Contreras reveals that 97% of cancer patients die of the treatments within five years. Chemotherapy and radiation are freely admitted in the Physicians Desk Reference book to be carcinogenic and destroy the immune system. But few patients really research their treatments. They just do that “the white coats” tell them to do.
Patients do not realize that their doctors in the west are, by law, controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies.   These companies run a trillion-dollar-a-year industry, making huge profits for share holders.

Our young doctors, who usually go into medicine to heal the world, not to make money, are instructed during training through the Oncology Chairs (funded by Big Pharma) that the ONLY legal way to treat cancer is surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.  If they mention nutrition or age old, natural, alternative therapies to their patients, they lose their licenses.    Such is the control.  Now however, there is a paradigm shift as the public wake up and demand better, safer, NON TOXIC, immune boosting treatment.
The Integrated Health International Conference and hundreds of older, wiser physicians, are coming out and telling the truth.  I attend the conference in San Diego each year, and bring the information to my website, my courses and weekly Christian TV health programs.    After seeing my daughter die so cruelly, I am BOUND TO TELL THE TRUTH.

Prevention is SO much easier than cure. This is my passion.
If I was a doctor of medicine I would be silenced for suggesting there is ANY other way to cure cancer, except by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This is how our young doctors are indoctrinated and are not allowed to research other modalities. I believe this is shortly to change, thank God.

Instead I am a Doctor of Divinity, trained and ordained in America, and absolutely dedicated to exposing the TRUTH.

By law, every patient must consult their own medical advisor. Just ensure that you are working as a team with a knowledgeable medical or naturopathic advisor who admits most chemotherapy causes cancer, and seeks to find a better way.
This site is for educational purposes only. I urge you to do your own serious and thorough research from the websites that led me to make my own conclusions….
Research websites ChrisBeatCancer, WorldWithoutCancer, OasisofHope, Hippocrates Health Institute, BreastCancerConqueror, myhdiet.com, NaturalNews.com, drday.com.
Read Phillip Day’s book “Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying to Know The Truth”, also “Cancer, 50 Critical Answers” and “Dismantling Cancer” by Dr. Francisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope, and
“Cancer – Step Outside the Box” by fellow researcher Ty Bollinger.
Formerly a British Red Cross nurse and Researcher in the Houses of Parliament, London, I also developed pancreatic cancer in 2003.

Having witnessed what happened to Melanie, and countless others who were in hospital the same time as her, I followed the Gerson Therapy and intravenous Vitamin B17, which I now knew had been healing many different forms of cancer for decades. If only I had known this when Melanie was diagnosed. We would have gone straight to Mexico and followed the laetrile and Gerson treatments. Within eight months my tumor was shrunk to a scar. A few years later I had to have a major operation to correct the damage it had done, but no trace of cancer was left in my body.

However, Melanie was diagnosed in UK and the ONLY treatment offered was chemo and radiation. Natural cancer cures are rigorously suppressed by Big Pharma which makes trillions out of cancer treatment each year. Big Pharma has forced the working doctors to completely disregard their traditional medical Hippocratic Oath to “First Do No Harm.”

Deeply saddened at the cruelty and disinformation that had been meted out to my daughter, who could have been cured naturally, I spent a year writing a book called “God’s Healing Word” to spread the good news of this safe, non toxic, inexpensive way of overcoming and also preventing cancer. It is based on Genesis 1:29 and 30, God’s perfect Creation diet for us.

The massive tumor in the head of my pancreas shrank to a mere scar in eight months, exactly the same time Baptist minister Rev. Dr. George Malkmus took to heal his baseball size colon tumour, and Rev. Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Lorraine Day and Dr. Veronique Desaulniers healed their own cancers

Very, very interesting.
As soon as I regained my strength, I travelled to America to train as a Health Minister at Rev. Malkmus’ Ministry, Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina. I then went on to train as a Health Educator at the Institute founded by Ann Wigmore, Hippocrates Health Institute. I also studied ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, and researched the worldwide effects of prayer, meditation, electromagnetic medicine and many differentm old and new, healing modalities.
I became absolutely convinced of the importance of spiritual fortitude in addressing disease. Cancer is Curable NOW, as the DVD says, when a patient can get the right team around them, and become convinced of their body’s innate ability to heal against all odds..
I now produce a weekly natural health educator program on Revelation TV and lead monthly courses in Jersey and Spain, by the studios.

At 74 now, I am assisted by my faithful Christian website director and camera man, and we have recently filmed extensively at the Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico, and the Northern Baja Gerson Institute in Mexico, where these modalities are healing intelligent cancer sufferers from all over the world. I also annually attend the Integrated Health International Conference in America, where the world’s finest top natural and orthodox health doctors share the latest ground breaking ways of overcoming disease, backed by amazing new technology exhibitions.

Integrated Medicine is the way to go, combining the best of orthodox, traditional and natural modalities to restore the Immune system so that we can GET WELL and STAY WELL.
My Healing

Six weeks to live! That was my diagnosis in 2003
But I have been blessed with a complete healing from a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis with this Bible based nutritional and cleansing information. I have the scans to prove it! And this information, which heals EVERY disease, is here for anyone with the intelligence to do some research.
Now, at last there is a paradigm shift in medicine.
The most intelligent, experienced doctors around the world know that chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, digestive diseases, and all other diseases are not eliminated by chemical medicine.
We need to detox from the chemical foods, drinks, air and stressful lifestyle that we have become addicted to.  We also need to revert to living plant foods, juices, and the peace of natural surroundings, exercise and fresh air.

Caffeinated drinks, loaded with sugar and chemicals make us sick. So does animal protein, which is dead flesh. Life can never come from dead flesh of another animal, with all the contaminants that animal carried. This includes dairy, which doctors now know is the main cause of sickness in the 21st century. Mother’s milk is the perfect food for offspring of each particular species, but drinking the milk of another animal makes mucoid plaque in the body. This is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and digestive disease. Meat and Dairy are now known as the “MAD DIET.”
For generations we have been duped by the multinational food corporations, backed by politicians, into believing food myths, which are killing us. The gullible public have believed that governments are looking out after them, that health experts have our best interests at heart.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Governments are only interested in the bottom line, financially. They want to have a healthy, productive workforce, who are expendable. Once we have passed our working usefulness, governments do not want to have to pay out pensions and health care. So they are NOT interested in our living to a long retirement!
Through the internet, brave doctors are now defying the laws brought in by Big Pharma and the lucrative, multinational power lobbies, and coming out with the truth at last. Many have been threatened with fines, imprisonment and loss of practice, but they have overcome.

These doctors are now reverting from chemical medicine which has been so fashionable and LUCRATIVE over the last 200 years, to natural biological medicine through organic plant food. They acknowledge the basic laws of nature, the plant based diet God gives us in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible Genesis 1:29 and 30.
This rebuilds the immune system God gave us, but many remain entrenched in the orthodox treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If you seek a non toxic and lifelong cure and a healthy life for yourself and your children, read on….

One in two of us now  will now develop cancer. One of my three children suddenly developed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 4b when she was eighteen and an undergraduate at London University. She died only two years later, despite all the “best” chemotherapy and radiation orthodox treatment available. I lived in the hospital in England with her for the last six months. All through the harsh treatment, including a bone marrow transplant which eventually killed her, she and I knew there had to be a better way. I promised her I would try to find it so that other people would not have to go through what she went through.

The repeated poisoning of the chemotherapy and burning from the radiation at famous London teaching hospitals, and finally one of Britain’s leading cancer hospitals, just did not stop the cancer returning, and each time she was weaker and less able to recover. She eventually died with great grace and courage, surrounded by her loving family back at home in Jersey at Easter 1989.

Having worked as a researcher in the Houses of Parliament in London, I wanted to know why young, fit people could get this dreadful disease, and investigated cancer causes and cures. Many of the young people who were being treated at the cancer hospital had come from areas where there were nuclear power stations. For us in the Channel Islands, the proximity of Cap de la Hague, 30 miles away in France, the radon in granite farm houses has also been suspect. Scientific confirmation eventually came when tests on the well water at our farm showed a high level of toxicity which had seeped down to the level of the well from the chemicals sprayed on the farm by previous owners. We have polluted our beautiful natural world in many ways, and the pollution is killing us.

I studied in London and America. I researched in Europe, the Far East, South Africa and Australia and New Zealand. However, I did not find the ultimate answer until I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in September 2003.

I went to my London church for prayer after I had been given only a few weeks to live. I was in gut wrenching pain, only partially controlled by morphine, suffering horribly from nausea and jaundice and had lost a quarter of my body weight in two weeks.
A stent had been fitted to relieve the jaundice and liver failure that was killing me, by a kind and very competent consultant gastroenterologist in the finest London military hospital, but after a week of tests it was decided the tumor was too large to be operated on. I had a no hope, no treatment diagnosis.

In my London church I was prayed for most powerfully by a woman pastor. Afterwards, she told me she had previously been a gastroenterology nurse for one of the finest specialists in London. The only hope I had in the natural, she said, was a cancer treatment called LAETRILE, or VITAMIN B17, based on God’s Word about our diet in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. A Christian cancer hospital in Mexico, had already helped one hundred thousand cancer patients with unprecedented success. Their treatment was based on the seeds God tells us to eat in Genesis.

In Genesis 1:29 and 30, God says “I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it, I give green plant for food.” The green plant is wheat and barley grass, which can be consumed by juicing, and all green vegetables.

She reminded me that we have removed most of these seeds and raw, natural, living enzymes from our diet, which is why cancer rates are escalating. For instance grapes are now mass produced without their precious seeds which contain the cancer preventing living enzymes. Supermarket bread is made from bleached refined wheat, with the wheat germ removed, whilst our ancestors ate bread made with whole grains including the life-giving seeds of millet and spelt rich in B17.

She also taught me that the richest source of the essence of seeds is the apricot kernel. The world famous biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs, known to medical students for the “Krebs Cycle”, developed this life-giving substance into a liquid called laetrile, which can be given intravenously. It was given vitamin status and is known as vitamin B17. This intravenous laetrile, or vitamin B17, based on God’s Word in Genesis, was the only thing that could heal me in the natural in the few weeks I had left. God can do miracles when we come into obedience with His Word. She gave me the address of a website which my husband and I could research.

I obtained the B17 in the natural kernel form the next day. I went on the Genesis diet of herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds, juices and green plants, took enzymes and detoxifying COFFEE ENEMAS, recommended by the GERSON THERAPY.   I did these five times a day to detox my liver. I also had the ampoules of laetrile sent from the hospital in Mexico. I then had to find a knowledgeable doctor to give it. My own doctor in Jersey had no training in B17. He showed me in his medical journal that it contained powerful cyanide and was afraid to administer it. I had already read that the special hydrocyanic acid is only released on contact with a cancer cell, and is harmless to ordinary cells. But he was adamant. He was afraid of litigation. I tried another doctor who told me B17 would not work. It was interesting that one thought it too strong to be safe, and the other thought it not strong enough. For me, it was based on God’s Word, and I trusted Him completely.

Then a friend introduced me to a young woman doctor who did Hospice work. She understood B17, and gave it to me intravenously thirteen times, every other day. Within two months the pain reduced, and after eight months the scans show the tumour reduced to a mere scar. The medical establishment calls this a Medical Miracle, or excused it as a misdiagnosis. However, it was confirmed by three consultants. No misdiagnosis. I know it was simply that from the moment I was prayed for, God brought the right people and the right information into my path and I came into obedience to His food laws, given in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible.

Our family, like most British families, had believed in eating a “balanced diet” which comprised mainly cooked food, animal protein, salt, sugar and refined grains. We ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, we drank packaged orange juice and had caffeine rich coffee and tea and chocolate. We drank very little alcohol in our family, but we did drink rich Jersey milk, ate cooked meat, fish and, chicken, and sweet deserts made with cream and sugar.

I had tried out the delicious new food offered over the last thirty years in supermarkets. I read the labels of contents and had not been concerned. I had bought a microwave, to make cooking quicker. Little did I realize that this kills ALL living enzymes in the food. I thought we had a healthy diet, but I had a lot to learn.

Cancer is a nutritional DEFICIENCY DISEASE, like scurvy or pellagra. It is not caused by bacterium, a virus or a mysterious toxin, but by the DEFICIENCY of a substance that we have removed from our diet. That substance is vitamin B17, derived from the seeds and living enzymes in the fresh raw vegetables, fruit and plants God tells us to eat in Genesis. When we add the toxicity of 21st century lifestyle to this deficiency we are living in a perfect storm. No wonder one in two of us now develops cancer.

We now know why we get sick. Despite all the prayer you can offer, God cannot heal us when we have blatantly disobeyed his basic rules for our diet.

Get Well Stay Well!

Felicity lost a 20 year old daughter to chemotherapy for cancer which started her on a journey of 25 years of research into alternative cancer treatment.Former British Red Cross nurse and Houses of Parliament researcher Felicity, a Hallelujah Acres Christian Health Minister, and Hippocrates Health Educator, is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.   She is also a member of the International Medical Veritas Association and Campaign for Truth in Medicine, and offers Get Well – Stay Well courses in Europe for people who seek health and abundant energy.

She herself was healed from a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003 with this inexpensive, immune system building, detoxing, body-mind-spirit-environment program. This is based on the Genesis herb, vegetable, fruit, seed and green plant diet advocated in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 1:29 and 30 and again in the first chapter of the book of Daniel. The diet is now proven scientifically to heal all degenerative disease.

Felicity wrote a book called God’s Healing Word, and presents a Friday 90 minute “Get Well Stay Well” satellite TV health program reaching 169 countries. The program is about strengthening our God-given Immune System, understanding the infinite intelligence of the biology of cells, eliminating toxicity and restoring deficiency with the living foods we were designed to live on. When she was given only weeks to live, she had intravenous laetrile (Vitamin B17) from the essence of apricot seeds as advocated a century ago by Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University, Dr. Ernst Krebs and now being used by Dr. Francisco Contreras at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico and other major natural clinics around the world. As this is a natural product which cannot be patented and huge profit made from it, Big Pharma who controls oncology chairs bans it is most countries.

So Felicity was searching for an easily accessed source and found it in the laetrile-rich juiced barley and wheatgrass advocated by Hallelujah Acres and Hippocrates Health Institute, together with the body, mind and spirit detox programme she followed to heal herself. She went to train in USA at the five foremost serious health Institutes and now takes this life saving, common sense intelligence around the world through Revelation TV.

Blood tests and cancer markers do not lie. This science is proven. Unlike the allopathic modalities of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the Get Well Stay Well program addresses the CAUSES of disease, and eliminates them, so disease does not return as long as we maintain the program. This is why Felicity calls her courses Get Well – Stay Well.

Surgery, chemo and radiation sometimes need to be used when cancer affects the entrance or exit to the body, and time is short. They can be used to shrink tumours so that the immune system has TIME to heal. This is the strength of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, the best that orthodox and natural medicine have to offer. Simple, non toxic remedies like sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, colonics and ozone therapies are now being used with great effect at the best international clinics. See websites like www.worldwithoutcancer.org, www.credence.org, www.drcelltox.com and www.IMVA to see the results.

To STAY well we have to take responsibility for our health and change our lifestyle from the one that made us ill in the first place. Every cell in our body responds to every thought that we think, so we have to detox WHOLISTICALLY in body, mind and spirit. This is not a diet, but a LIFESTYLE – and it’s wonderfully energizing!


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Well I hope you liked Felicity’s story.  Amazing really to think she had 6 weeks to live and that was 14 years ago!  I hope you could understand her ok. I know the quality of the sound was not the best but since she is in Spain I had to do it via Skype and that is the best we could do on that day.  

I feel it is important to share her story because since she lost her daughter treating her Hodgkins the traditional way she went on a life path to find a better way as that was her daughters last words.  Little did Felicity know all she learned after the loss of her daughter would save her own life but in the end she did it for her daughter I am sure.

The message is to never give up. To do all you can in life to build, support & keep your immune system strong. The problem is that we abuse our immune system with so many chemicals, pesticides, poor nutrition and stress that by the time it gives us a warning it can often be too late.  That is why I want to teach you especially the importance of detoxing because we are all toxic even if we try to live healthy.  Like Dr. Vickers said that in this day and age we have to work on detoxing or we will eventually succumb to disease.  I also want to keep showing you the power of a plant powered diet.  It is the plants that help us heal.  Don’t ever forget that.  Then there is lifestyle like getting enough sleep, not stressing and trying to have some good solutions to stress to maintain balance as best as possible, having a passion in life, having joy and fun in your life… all of these are important to be healthy.


Q &A – hear podcast for answers.
Now let me answer a few questions I got from Tana.

Can you explain the health benefits of a raw diet vs. a vegan diet?
What is your opinion on hormone replacement therapy?
What exercises do you recommend for people over 50 that may have some joint pain?
Are there any negative consequences in regards to the overall physical health of the body when it comes to botox, fillers, breast implants or any other cosmetic procedures.


I hope you learned something from those questions and the show today.  I hope you are enjoying the weekly show.

Well you guys..… you know what time it is…
Time to say goodbye

Thanks for listening.
Remember…. eat your plants, detox & heal with homeopathy!

Be Healthy
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