November 16, 2016

Dr. Reese Halter – Ocean Pollution SOS – Episode 44

Dr. Reese Halter’s passion for the environment is lifelong. He is a powerful voice for bees, trees, and seas and saving nature now

Dr. Halter is a distinguished biologist, an award-winning broadcaster and writer. His latest book is Shepherding the Seas: The Race to Save Our Oceans.

Dr. Halter has the unique talent of making current complex environmental issues accessible and compelling to any audience. He believes that human beings are exquisite problem solvers: that for every issue there are at least 3 solutions. His passion to protect our planet is contagious.

Dr. Halter has studied nature for 4 decades. He holds a PhD in ecostress sub-alpine eucalypt physiology. He lives in Los Angeles, California … make that Hollywood, CA now and is active in the community with children and schools. He enjoys quiet walks on the beach with his beloved labrador buddy Nieo, who was named after a beautiful Hawaiian tree Reese worked on.

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I’m so excited for you to hear what my guest, Dr. Reese Halter has to say today. He’s known as The Earth Doctor and in this conversation, we focus on the unbelievable amount of pollution that’s been done to our oceans and the devastating impact it’s having on life all over the globe, including human life.

I can’t stress how important it is that you listen to this episode and learn the powerful, detrimental impact we humans are having not just on the oceans but on the entire planet, including our own food supply. If we keep polluting our oceans at the rate we are currently, it’s a very short matter of time until ocean life becomes extinct and we will soon follow.

This episode’s topic – the pollution of the oceans – is vital to our survival as a species and the long term health of our planet as a whole. And while it sounds like an overwhelmingly big problem, there are very specific things you can do to make a huge difference, so be sure you listen.

Dr. Reese Halter is an inspiring and motivating expert who cares deeply for the well-being of every creature in the ocean and on land. His research and writings have demonstrated the undeniable impact climate change and pollution are having on the life-blood of our planet: the oceans. I want you to hear his passion on this episode so you can become motivated to make the changes in your life that will make a difference to the planet.

Grab your favorite drink, put on your listening ears, and get ready to hear an amazing conversation with a man who is passionate about our planet and the wonderful gift it is to us. If you listen and learn you’ll be motivated to make the difference that only you can make, So please, take the time and hear what Dr. Reese Halter has to say.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:59] My welcome to this episode with Dr. Reese Halter.
  • [8:33] How Dr. Reese got into environmentalism and conservation.
  • [13:24] Dr. Reese’s beliefs about human caused climate change.
  • [17:09] The impact of climate change on the oceans.
  • [21:34] The issues of mercury poisoning in fish of all kinds.
  • [33:29] How plastic is impacting ocean life and the environment.
  • [36:53] How consumers can band together to change the state of the oceans.
  • [39:58] How we need nature but nature does not need us.
  • [44:51] The impact pollution is having on life on land.

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