May 26, 2016

Dr. Brian Clement – WATER: Liquid Life Food; What kind? How much? & What should I know about it?

Todays episode will answer all your questions about water!  What a mess of information it is out there on the internet.  Save yourself time and listen to the expert of experts Dr. Brian Clement.  For many years he has studied & tested different waters in regards to health.  You will be shocked to learn about how dangerous most waters are to drink in these modern times. Water is life food for our cells & we spend so much time speaking of diet, food & nutrition but assume a good bottle water or filtered water is feeding our cells & hydrating them as water should.  WRONG! You will all be in for a big surprise when you hear this one!  You will learn how to put your money to the most important unitof all in your house so you can drink pure water forever!  We will also discuss what are the most important factors to health & how to get and maintain an alkaline state, which has been proven to be a reflection of true health.


Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!


Be healthy
Be free
Live LIFE!

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HI there vidalSPEAKS podcast enthusiasts … How are you all today?  I am so happy to bring you this show today because you are going to learn SOOO much!!!! I have been anticipating this one for a long time.  The subject today is water.. yes water better known as Liquid Life food! … We all need to learn the TRUTH about water because it is as important as food since we drink it every day and can’t live without it!  I have searched high & low to find the right person who is truly an expert to help educate us on what the best water is & WHY.  It is one thing to read on the internet all the good things about a certain kind of water gives us, but another more important thing is to understand WHY that same water may not be the best choice & what are the dangers of it may even be.

People always tell us the good things about a certain water but don’t expose the bad, many times they just don’t know them.  Also you will find so much conflicting information on the internet about water so I wanted to hear it from a true expert.  Someone who uses water to heal sick people that way we know it works & it is a safe water & best water to drink.  Well, today Dr. Brian Clement will tell us about every kind of water, why they are good or bad and what is the best & only water to drink.  

I have been so frustrated over the years because you read over and over the same articles on different sites as if people just copy and past them.  Homeopathic books get like this too where it ends up with bad information just getting put out into more and more new books yet the information is wrong!  Also on one site you read how spring water is the best and the next you read how it will cause you to form kidney stones. YIKES what should we do then….

Well, relax because todays show will answer all your questions and help you feel confident on what water to drink and why!   I am super happy I was able to get this interview because I too had many questions as you will hear. Stay tuned after the interview to hear a special offer you can have to own the ability to make your own pure water at home.  It is so affordable when you figure out all we spend on water these days.  

Be sure to stay tuned till the end of the show so you can hear how you can buy the best water machine at a discount by using the code vidalspeaks so you too can have pure water at home for all your needs.

Next, Thank you to all of you who are joining me each week & have become my new friends.  I am so enjoying doing the show.  It is a lot of work but it is so fulfilling & to think of you guys out there appreciating & learning from this info makes me smile and keeps me going.  I know it is about changing one life at a time, every step of the way someone out there will make a new choice to eat a few more healthy plant foods, or drink better water or take an alternative treatment instead of a drug or go see a homeopath instead of a doctor and that makes me smile and makes me feel I am doing my job!  So thank you to all of you for tuning in each week & for your trust and support.  I am filled with gratitude because it is a team effort.  We have a long way to go but I don’t feel alone anymore!

For those of you that have passed the praises of this podcast to others and have recommended that they listen …. can you also please ask them to review the show in itunes.  I would so appreciate that because without reviews the show gets lost among the thousandsthere and then it is harder for those searching something on health to listen to find us!

ok… Now let me tell you a little about Dr. Brian Clement


A typical American growing up in the New Jersey/New York area, Brian likes to joke that he was a pioneer in the field of obesity—he was fat even before many Americans were fat! Raised in an Irish household on the standard American diet of meat, processed foods and sugary sodas, he was unfit and gasping for air every few steps. When he was 20 years old, he was dating a girl whose best friend’s boyfriend was 30—and a vegetarian. Despite the fact he had been more or less educated by his family that the body would die without animal-based foods, the lure of an influential peer inspired him to give up meat in one fell swoop. For the first year and a half, he kept his vegetarian diet a secret from his family. Yet after losing 120 pounds and experiencing the difference in his health, he came out of the proverbial closet (much to his family’s dismay!) and became a complete vegan three years later.

He moved to a warmer climate and after a few months his body naturally gravitated towards raw foods. He remembered the book “Be Your Own Doctor” by Ann Wigmore. He dug it out, read it again, and realized he had essentially become a raw vegan by default. With the intention of returning to Oregon to open a health institute, Brian moved to Maine for a final taste of the East Coast. While there, he decided to go down to Boston to visit Ann Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute. As his friend had years prior, Ann saw Brian’s natural talent to communicate this lifestyle to people in a relatable way, and she convinced him to move to Boston and work with her.

On behalf of Hippocrates, Brian soon went to Europe and spent three years re-educating Europeans about the raw food movement that had begun on their continent. In 1978, he spent a year in Denmark as Director of the Humlegaarden Institute that had been founded by the famous Danish raw-food pioneer Dr. Kristine Nolfi in the 1940s. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1980, Brian assumed the title of Director of Hippocrates Health Institute and, in 1987, he moved the Institute to Florida.

Since that time, he has directed the Institute’s growth and development, as well as facilitated the implementation of progressive natural health treatments and programs. Brian’s progressive ideas on natural health, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical science experience, have provided him with the opportunity to conduct countless seminars, lectures and educational programs. He has traveled to more than 25 countries motivating the public to take action to improve their lives.

Brian has also written numerous books in which he explores the various aspects of health, spirituality and natural healing. His best-selling book, “Living Foods for Optimum Health,” has been acclaimed by Marilyn Diamond, co-author of the book “Fit for Life,” as “an important and eminently readable book for the new era of self-care,” and by Coretta Scott King as a “landmark guide to the essentials of healthy living.”

So now sit back, relax, work out, cook, dance or do whatever you want but whatever you do pay close attention to every word of this show!
Here we go….

Key Points of Podcast
•    Let’s clarify the real truth about water.
•    Most don’t understand water.
•    When I wrote Killer Fish I spoke to 3 of the best scientist on the planet.
•    They told me that every drop of water that humans drink has pharmaceutical drugs in it and plastics!
•    I was shocked because I feel intelligent but I realized I was not.
•    I asked how the North Pole and South Pole have plastic.
•    In the middle of Pacific ocean is the largest land dump in the world.  It is larger than the state of California.  There is a documentary on it that shows how the plastic vaporizes into the air and up into the clouds that are protonic little particles that come down with the rain.
•    The only water they come out of our water is with a distiller.
•    You will hear many people talk about lots of different kinds of water.  Lets start with a list.
•    REVERSE OSMOSIS: First there is RO or Reverse Osmosis. There is a membrane with very small openings and they extract out all the molecules and leave the water on the other side.  But when tested 98% of the plastics and pharmaceuticals get to the other side where the good water goes.
•    FILTERS: Next is filters, even if you spent 15k on a filter they don’t work.  They take a lot out but they don’t take out the little plastics and pharmaceuticals we are talking about.  Often Fluoride is not able to be filtered out.
•    I didn’t realize until I talked to a physicist that in a 15 shower we absorb 1 1/2 liter or 1 1/4 quarts of water.  
•    Is it better than tap water yes… but in my house I distill the water to drink but then I put a filter on my shower heads.
•    ALKALINE WATER: Then we go to a very controversial water which is alkaline water.  Many may just not know. Most important is to know that the number one way we are alkaline or acid is not by our water but first by STRESS.  If you are under stress and you have cortisol pumping out we are acid.  Eating animals and drink animal milks is very acidic.  We should not be relying on our water to alkalinize us.  
•    The water we should all aspiring to drink today should be PURE hydrogen and oxygen. If you look at structure it is hydrogen hydrogen oxygen hydrogen hydrogen oxygen.  Would it be best to find water like that as you do in nature that organized the hydrogen and oxygen.. yes.  Because it allows the cell to hydrate or to absorb or digest that water much better than disorganized water which is tap water but also distilled water because when you boil the water in the distillation process it leaves the junk behind and puts the pure water on the other side.  But there is no structure to it anymore.  
•    I have this double egg that spins the water into a vortex and it organizes the structure of the water.
•    So you can buy a jar or a device that is super cheap to structure the water.
•    You don’t have to buy a 4500 alkalinizing unit.
•    I have looked at many units that alkalinize I have seen 700.00 units that do the same as the 5000.00 unit.
•    The reason why they are bad is because they don’t have filters that can take out much of the toxic things in the water. They will tell you they have filters but they do no better than a Britta filter which is horrible.
•    First I will tell you why I like alkaline water for sick people.
•    If I am going to hydrate my cell by putting more structure into the water then how about if I have fluoride and chlorine in it when I am doing that? I will tell you why this is a big problem. What about the pesticides, fungicides, chemicals, fluoride that are so harmful, now I am going to make myself sicker and give my body a greater potential to be weak, sick and vulnerable to disease.
•    What we tell people here at Hippocrates that are fighting a stage 4 disease is that we love alkaline water.  But not for healthy people.  If I drink 2 cups a week not a big deal but it should not be your main water.
•    When you look at sick people and you measure the hz of the cells of people with any form of cancer their cells measure at 10hz and a healthy cell measures 80hz.
•    So the reason alkaline water can be helpful with someone with cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS etc. is because it super charges the cells and puts more electro magnetic frequency in it and brings it back to life.
•    If you own an alkalizer, get a distiller then you can structure the water after it is distilled with an inexpensive device like I have with my glass egg device.
•    Does structure water mean alkaline water?  It is basically the same thing because you have to structure the water so it will balance the acid and the alkaline in it.  When you drink that remember it won’t help you get more alkaline if you are eating meat, sugar, drinking wine and we are not relying on our water to alkalinize our bodies.
•    CARBONATED WATER: Not a good thing for you.  Carbon has such a strong structure that it pushes oxygen out of the body.  This is not a healthy water and if you want to age quickly and get sick quickly then drink carbonated water.
•    BOTTLED WATER: When they tested 10 bottled waters 3 of them had radio activity in them and 7 of them had disease causing particulates in them.  There were only 2 that were pretty good.
•    The worst thing about bottled water is that it is spring water and spring water has NON organic minerals in it from rocks that cause hardening of the arteries and stones in the bladder and kidneys.  The body only understands how to take in minerals from foods not from rocks as they are in organic and not able to be digested and broken down.
•    Therefore spring water is NOT healthy.  The fact that it has calcium, magnesium and other minerals coming from a spring is not making it healthy because these are not digested or broken down by the body.  
•    The way it works is brilliant.  It is amazing. If you look closely at the root systems of a plant you will see it has thousands and thousands of follicles. They move up and down causing friction with the rock solid minerals that are there and it electrically codes it into the plant as an organic usable mineral.
•    Our bodies are programmed to get nutrition out of food not rocks.  We would not eat soil and think we are nourishing ourselves.  
•    SPORT WATERS: There may be one being made now that may end up being good but so far there are no others.
•    Gatorade is cancer causing and the more natural ones have sugar and you can read my book called Sweet Disease showing how disease causing sugar is. They also put non organic minerals in them too and coloring and sugaring.
•    When you are not taught these things we have to forgive ourselves for what we did.
•    Let’s think about other ways we can deal with water.  One of the new technologies that works pretty well is where they use the shell of a coconut to filter.  That is pretty promising with the tests I am watching.  The shell is like a magnet and can take a lot out but not everything.
•    Many people think they can’t afford a distiller but then my friend pointed out that I could have bought one with all the money I was spending on water.
•    WHOLE HOUSE FILTERS: They really don’t work.  These are highly filtered and they cost 40k -50k and they customize what they can take out depending on what is in your area.  The good thing is the whole house has a filter for baths and showers.  
•    When you travel buy Smart Water as it is the best option. It is distilled and it has ionic minerals.  NEVER buy the distilled water in the big gallon soft plastic jugs as they can leach the plastic into the water.  
•    Can you explain Ionic minerals?  It means electrically charged. The same thing I said with the little follicles on the plant roots rubbing back and forth giving the non organic minerals in the dirt a massage and then it encodes electrically the frequency of that mineral to bring it into the plant.  Now you have an ORGANIC mineral vs. an INORGANIC mineral.
•    Ionic minerals are NOT considered rock minerals at all.  Smart Water take rock solid minerals and electrocute them and create an electro magnetic frequency that turns to particulate rather than this large molecule structure so that it CAN enter into the body and feed the mineral needs your body has.
•    Here in the US 2 1/2 years ago the government started telling women to stop taking calcium supplements.  I was happy to hear that because this is INORGANIC minerals they are all taking.  I do very sophisticated testing and only 1out of 125 women lack calcium so it is rare but when you do it is very important .  But the reason that told women to stop taking it is because they had 3x more strokes when the took mineral calcium tablets made of oyster shells, they grind them up and they are totally indigestible and they clog the arteries up from the neck to the brain and they were all having strokes.  Egg shells and chalk are used for calcium supplements and NONE are usable for the body and are carcinogenic as in chalk.
•    NO OTHER MINERAL is usable in the form of rocks (call INORGANIC) unless you shock it, break it down, electrocute it or better yet get it from the food you are eating.
•    So if you do need minerals then you only should take Ionic minerals so the body can absorb them.
•    OZONATED WATER: Ozonated water takes out microbes but not chemicals, amoebas us and all kinds of other pesticides etc.  
•    6 out of 10 people today still die from water born disease.  
•    Here in the west we kill the bugs with chlorine and fluoride and we end up with cancers.
•    In Europe only Ireland allows fluoride in the water.  It is a huge scandal here.
•    You have to be cautious with water.
•     What about AFTER you have distilled water and then structuring it and then adding plant minerals or ionic minerals or ozonating it? I am glad you are saying this now.
•    I don’t know how many of your listeners know me but Hippocrates institute is one of the oldest natural health institutes on the planet it is our 60th year.  We have people here from 17 countries.
•    Our diet here at the institute is so pure in the form of juices, all raw food, wheat grass and so we don’t substitute or put anything in our water because we are getting it in our food here. If you are not eating a pure diet YES you need to put ionic or plant based minerals that nature let rot and turn to liquid and yes you put that in because you don’t want to not get minerals.  You are not doing it to only get minerals from water but you are doing it because you want to ensure you are getting enough minerals in your diet since our soil is so poor.  Even organic farming comes from really poor soil.  
•    If you have your own garden and compost I bet organic food is way more nutrients than non organic but since the commercial farms use poor soil their nutrient content was not that different than non organic produce.
•    Grow sprouts as they are more nutritious than soil based foods. Everyone can be a farmer in some capacity.
•    I did a study 30 years ago.  We figured out that people take 3-4 years to become alkaline after eating a clean diet. You can drive yourself nuts testing on litmus paper because you will become neurotic!
•     You have to remember when you built your body on waste then when you change your diet and pull the plug then your waste goes into your bloodstream and you will show more acidic than before.
•    Coffee is an extremely acidic food when you drink it.  You can see pitted and discolored teeth from coffee.
•    Anne Wigmore founded the Hippocrates Institute used to do coffee enemas but then advanced to wheat grass implants.  Over the time now we realize the phyto chemicals in it help feed the body nutrients but pulls out the toxins the same way the coffee does, but it remineralizes your body.  It has phyto chemicals that are incredible medicine.  
•    Dr. Williams at Linus Pauling Institute is don’t amazing research to show raw food is a way to heal disease.
•    Wheat grass implant, it pulls mucoid, bacteria and it is like a magnet. The structure of the chlorophyll is also antiseptic and it is very similar to the hemoglobin in the blood.  It is like figuratively putting new blood in the body, coagulating and pulling out waste from gallbladder, liver and stomach.  It is very effective in cleaning the system out.
•    When people write books and see if you eat a good diet you will be perfectly alkaline that is impossible as you are getting rid of fat, waste and chemicals first and that will be acid dumping in your bloodstream.
•    1/2 the people that come now to our institute are not sick not.  Younger generations are not believing in institutions any more.
•    Thank God I am an optimist.  When I started I would work with 80 years olds that were sick but today I sit with families that come with their babies who have advanced stage 4 diseases.  It is all caused by the absolute out of control world that we live in with nobody in charge. Governments are on the side of the polluters.
•    The health care system has nothing to do with health.
•    I used to ask in my lectures “How many of you feel safe in a hospital?” Not one person raised their hand and there were 28 countries represented there!
•    This is a global phenomena!
•    Our healthcare system kills 250,000 people a year
•    We are arguing about green house gasses when beaches are falling away and islands are missing.
•    When will humans wake up?  I believe they are waking up now but I am an optimist.
•    It takes 21 days to change a person and brainwash them.  We give classes and we have them stay 21 days for that reason.  We need to educate and change them.
•    NY you can not NOT get organic food now.. it is changing!
•    I think the cat has gotten out of the hat now.
•    We are going to win the battle and go back to sanity now.
•    Is it dangerous to take trace minerals if you don’t know which you may have too much or too little of?  That is a hard question to answer.
•    Our body is made of many minerals on the periodic table and many trace minerals.  You can’t take them in big quantities but we need small amounts.  Trace just means we need a very small amount of them.  
•    Colloidal silver is the example because it is great but if you take for too long it can poison you.
•    Try to get it from a food source like an algae.
•    E3 live – the frozen algae is the best.  
•    Look out and make sure they are plant based.
•    What do you recommend you do to the water after you distill it?  It can hurt to structure it and add plant minerals.  But if you are drinking a quart of green juice you probably don’t need it but it can’t hurt.  
•    Drink wheat grass in addition to the implants.
•    Be cautious of bottle water especially alkalinized.… if they don’t say ionic then they are not but the biggest danger is that they are filled with all the poisons and chemicals as they don’t have a good enough filter.
•    #1 way we stay well and be alkalinize yourself and heal yourself.
•    I can’t tell you know this by how you look but happiness is the #1 way to heal, it is everything.  People who love and happy they eat right, exercise, have great relationships, they don’t tolerate doing things they don’t love, they find jobs, community that they are happy with.  People think life is a struggle and they have to fight for everything.
•    I believe that most disease would go away if people would learn to be happy!!!!!!!
•    Everyone that comes here gets psychotherapist.
•    When you treat healthy people at the institute do you do anything different?  We have a medical team here and we do very sophisticated tested including very elaborate blood tests.  From that we sit with the nurses and doctors and tell the person what they need and what is best for them.
•    Sometimes athletes could need the same as a person with brain cancer as they are expending the same out.  But it is all personalized to your test results.
•    Is it body work, psychotherapy, saunas, whirlpools they need.  It is different for each person.
•    A guy that I worked with that was an olympic athlete told me he was training like he was fighting a disease so often athletes need a lot of help the same way a sick person willneed when they are fighting a disease.
•    How much water do you need?  Good question.  Generally you should take in 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 130 then you should drink 65 oz., which is 8 glasses a day.  That is a minimum.
•    If you drink a quart of juice you can count that as part of your water intake.
•    If you live in a desert like LA then you need more in the summer.
•    If you are an athlete and you are exercising a lot then you need more water than 1/2 your body weight in ounces.
•    If you do saunas then you need more water.
•    About 40% of the population lacks the brain signal to tell them to drink.  So you have to find a way to get reminded to drink water.  I have to be my wife’s reminder.  Get the phone app to remind you now!
•    What about swimming in chlorine pools?  It is horrible. When people are sick I tell people to avoid it like the plague.  If you have a private pool you should put an ozone unit on it.  They are less than 1000.00. You get a gallon drum you can keep in your garage you can store a 50 gallon drum of hydrogen peroxide in there.  
•    You add one gallon once a week in CA but if you live in a humid climate like Florida then you do it 2x a week.
•    For a jacuzzi you add 1/4 gallon a day if you use it daily and if you live in CA and if 1/2 gallon a day if you live in Florida or a humid climate.
•    That is food grade hydrogen peroxide 3%
•    Do you think we should test our urine with acid alkaline strips?  If you have eaten well after a few years then you can check.
•    But the truth is if you get stressed just that would make you acidic.  I am a calm person and balanced but if you got me emotionally stressed I guarantee you I would be acidic.  I know this for a fact as we test thousands of people.
•    Everything is about your emotional state inside.
•    If you are a healthy person that sees yourself of full of abundance and love then that is what you will be and if you see yourself as a weak sick person that says oh my what is happening to me and again I am having another problem then that is who you will be.
•    Shifting the attitude shifts the biochemistry and the epigenetics of the body. This is powerful.
•    When you give light food like raw plant foods it will enhance it.
•    People say if you are conscious then you can eat anything but that is bullshit if you are really conscious then you would not eat anything!
•    People are arrogant.  There are foodies, everything is just food food food then there are themeditators, athletes.. it is all too much of one thing.  You have to be balanced you can’t just eat plant based food and not exercise and do all of one thing and be halthy. You need to exercise, stretch, you gotta love the work you do, have good relationships, eat clean food, exercise, drink juices, take non invasive therapies and by the way maybe you need allopathic medicines if you need them after an accident. If you have an accident you don’t come here to me …
•    Here is what you have to know.  We blame the doctors but I don’t know any young person that goes to med school to make money; they did it because they wanted to help but in school they are trained by pharmaceutical companies.
•    But it will be the patients that change our system.  They need to say no, they need to demand that the system change.  But when they irresponsible and they won’t go home and change their lifestyle.
•    The drugs are the easy way out but don’t blame the drugs and the system; we have to take blame ourselves because it is us that is eating and being obese and not making the changes needed.
•    Epigenetics is only 5% responsible for our health and lifestyle is 95%.
•    In Europe the minister of health of the EU said we need to eradicate the medical system and put lifestyle medicine in its place.
•    Yale says 80% of all diseases can be corrected with lifestyle medicine.
•    We know that here at our clinic because we see it.
•    Diabetes and heart disease is so easy to fix it is boring here…
•    We need to educate our children and we have to make the health care system an educational system not a crisis management system.
•    We have to cut off the pharmaceutical ads and fast food ads on TV.
•    What is long term effect of Paleo diet trend?
•    It is incredibly dangerous.
•    It is funded by animal meat and dairy industry when they saw plant based diets going crazy.
•    They say ridiculous things like humans never ate grasses! This is ridiculous because where do you think human life started?  This is a fact now…. All life came on this earthwith blue green algae. It was the very first life form… it created oxygen.
•    Blue green algae was created by nitrogen and what we now call vitamin C and it manifested into a single cell life form.
•    The very first land that came was the country and continent of Australia. It is a million years older than any other land. Grass was the first thing that grew on land too.
•    60% of population today are plant based eaters.
•    Look at the work we have done on humans and we can see why the research they are doing on plant based foods works to heal diseases.
•    So the Paleo is like Atkins or a pop culture diet. If you tell people what they want to hear you can become a millionaire.
•    I was a meat eater and dairy eater and only ate that and ate no vegetables.
•    I changed to plants and I lost 125 pounds and my consciousness changed. I am healthier in my mid 60’s than I have ever been in my life.
•    Planet earth is going to die if we all don’t get on a plant based diet.  WE will all be under water if we don’t.  It is not an opinion anymore it is a fact.
•    When humans are up agains the guns I think they will do it.
•    I am an optimist and I believe we will do it.
•    Thank you for the work you are doing Deborah and God Bless you!

1. Be brave enough to find your passion and live it.
2. have the integrity to eat food that will enrich your health and change your consciousness
3. Move, have fun, have joy, exercise and allow your body to become your friend rather than feeling like you have an elephant to carry around.


Now how was that for answering some of your long awaited questions about water? I bet before this episode started that you guys didn’t think the best water was going to be distilled water.  Well, the fact is it is the absolutely ONLY pure water now because of how toxic all water in our planet has become due to the plastics evaporating into the air as he told us & the fact that these molecules escape thru any filter including reverse osmosis also known as RO, which now makes it a must to drink distilled water because we really have no other PURE WATER.

The good news is we are not relying on our water to get our minerals & I learned that a while ago when I started drinking distilled water.  At first I was so worried I would be mineral deficient because we are totally brain washed into believing we need those minerals from the spring water, but then I learned those minerals from rocks are not easily absorbable by the body and they just build up in our joints, arteries etc.  The proof to me was when a couple years ago the FDAactually stopped their message about women needing to take more calcium for their bones in old age because it was causing more strokes because all the calcium just built up in their arteries and cause a huge wave of strokes and death.

And because NO filter not even those 14,000.00 filters take everything out nor does RO so it is really a necessity to drink distilled water. If you want to be sure you are getting enough minerals then you can take liquid plant minerals and just drink pure water.

I know many of you may be thinking I still can’t believe distilled water is the best water to drink because there is so much bad information out there.  Website after website you can read that it is dead water or too acidic or empty water. But remember we are not drinking water for our minerals…. we are supposed to get that from our food, AND more importantly minerals from rocks which are called inorganic minerals remember, our body can’t absorb those, we can only absorb them from plants.  So taking minerals from spring water is getting inorganic minerals that build up in our joints and bodies and our bodies can’t use them.  Much better to take distilled water and eat a diet high in plant minerals which means a clean plant based organic whole foods diet.  If you still worry you can add ionic minerals to your distilled water then you get the best of both worlds.  Clean pure water & minerals your body can use.
But the starting point is PURE water which is only distilled water.  So the next thing you guys should save up for is a distilling machine.  I have a great fairly small counter top version.  

Water distillation machine & special offer
I have put the link in my show notes to the one I researched and liked the best. If you go to this website and check out their units.  Check out the Pure Water Mini Classic CT model which is the one I have.  It is their countertop unit so it needs no special hook up.  I love it really.  You can (800) 875-5915 ext. 310 and ask for Jim Blakley & if you give them the code vidalSPEAKS they will offer as discount.

Don’t forget a shower & bath filters or get a whole house filter
Next don’t forget to put some kind of shower filter on your shower or tub. Shower filters are a must because we learned today that you absorb one quart or liter of water with one 10-15 minute shower and if you don’t have a filter that means you are absorbing the killer chlorine, fluoride and pharmaceutical drugs along with so many other dangerous things in our water.  One way around this if you own a house is to get a whole house filter that does a pretty good job at taking many things out.  As Brian said it is not good enough to drink this but it will at least remove a lot for when you shower although it is a compromise but since we can’t shower in distilled water we have to go for second best. LOL.  If you take a bath they sell the bath balls that the water filters thru before it comes out into your tub.  If you own your home I would recommend a good whole house filter that will take care of all your water in your whole house and then you just distill that water to drink and add your ionic minerals and you are set!

Good bye!
There really was a lot of great information in there not only about water but about health.  I loved how he states the most important thing for health is to find joy, and to not do things you don’t want to do… to find balance in life by loving what you do, having good relationships, exercising, eating a clean diet and all of these are huge pillars to health not just one of them.  

Ok that is it for now guys..
You must know what time it is now…
That’s right…. it is time to say goodbye!

Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!

Vidal has spoken

Be healthy
Be free
Live LIFE!


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Best water distiller
Best water distillers – I personally use and love the countertop model.  I have used it for 4 years and LOVE it.

Here is the counter top model I own

To receive a special discount as a vidalSPEAKS listener call (800) 875-5915 ext. 310 – ask for Jim Blakley & use the code vidalSPEAKS to get your discount!


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