October 05, 2016

Dr. Andy Cutler – The Reality of Mercury Poisoning And What You Can Do About It – Episode 38


Dr. Andy Cutler has a PhD in chemistry from Princeton, a BS in physics from the University of California.  He is a registered patent agent and a licensed professional chemical engineer.  

He knows firsthand what can happen when you get mercury poisoning. He’s experienced the devastating ‘mystery syndrome’ and had doctor after doctor scratch their head in puzzlement and send him away. After finding out that the mercury in his amalgam fillings was the source of his terrible illness he was able to read the medical literature and determine a chemically sensible procedure to get well. This pioneered the rational use of chelators for heavy metal toxicity. The results of his experience and research culminated in writing the book Amalgam Illness on how to cure mercury poisoning, and the Hair Test Interpretation book on how to use a painless and inexpensive test to check for the toxic effects of a wide variety of elements. He currently works as a detox consultant and continues writing books.

Connect With Today’s guest: ANDY CUTLER, PhD., PE.

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Mercury poisoning is being talked about more and more these days. And it’s a good thing. For years mercury has been used as a preservative for vaccinations, in the amalgams used in dental work, and much more. At first, the problem was ignorance. We simply didn’t know the danger mercury could be to our health. But now the problem is much more insidious than that.

Today there are many cases that demonstrate the toxic effects mercury can have on the human body, but the authorities that have become invested in the use of mercury don’t want to admit that what they thought was safe, really isn’t. You can find out the truth from my expert guest, Dr. Andy Cutler, on this episode.

Dr. Andy Cutler began looking into the risks and problems associated with the use of mercury because of his own health problems related to its use. It’s his diligent study that has enabled us, in large part, to know the truth about the risks associated with mercury use. If you want to hear an expert in the field, Dr. Cutler is the one you need to listen to.

In talking about the dangers of mercury poisoning on this episode, there’s no conspiracy or agenda against vaccines or dental work, just a concern for the health of people all over the globe. The evidence speaks for itself. Nobody is making this stuff up. Listen to this episode to get the entire truth on how mercury is poisoning adults and children alike.

If you have a mystery illness of some kind that nobody seems able to figure out you should consider the possibility that you’ve been poisoned by mercury somewhere along the line. Dr. Andy Cutler has developed treatment protocols to help you rid your body of mercury, so you should take the time to hear what he’s got to say on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:59] Deborah’s thoughts and commemoration of some special people.

  • [3:20] Introduction to this episode of the podcast on mercury detox.

  • [9:30] How Dr. Cutler came to be the mercury detox expert.

  • [11:37] Dr. Cutler’s experience with mercury poisoning and sickness.

  • [15:01] The various types of mercury that exist.

  • [20:00] The reason mercury can settle in your body for the long term.

  • [23:51] Vaccines and mercury.

  • [39:21] The crazy practices of multiple immunizations at once.

  • [46:26] Why are some people affected by vaccines when others are not?

  • [52:20] Dealing with the pressure you feel about vaccines.

  • [55:24] The irony of mercury concerns in our culture.

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