To Supplement Or Not To Supplement
... here lies the answer

In the course you will learn all about why we get sick & how to heal according to nature’s law.  You will learn which supplements are essential & which are a waste or harmful & when and why you should take any supplement. After this course you can choose with confidence!

Are you confused which supplements to take & do you wonder if they even work?


Well, you are not alone!  The subject of supplements is one of the most researched on the web & it is also one of the questions I get asked the most. The question we really need to ask is why do you and so many people feel they need supplements?

  • Maybe you are worried about nutrition
  • Or you fear you are low on something
  • Or maybe you eat badly & then supplement out of guilt
  • I bet you may even supplement because many around you are sick & that scares you
  • Or your desperate & have tried many things unsuccessfully & you want help now

This course will guide you so you feel much more clear in your decisions. Once you have the confidence to know what is right then you can ignore all that other opposing info out there. 


Why is the topic of supplements so controversial?

Even well-known experts & nutritionists disagree with each other when it comes to supplements.  It is hard to know who to trust & what to believe. I have used my 25 year clinical experience of using supplements with my patients to help me learn when to supplement & which ones are essential. I can guide you thru my failures & successes.  This experience allows me to tell you WHY I agree or disagree with a specific supplement or an idea of supplementation.

  • I bet you are confused regarding who to believe anymore
  • I know you too must wonder why there is much controversy & different opinions out there on supplements
  • I bet you feel you can’t trust any advice these days

This course will give you reasons why I came to my conclusions after years of using supplements in my clinical practice. It offers you alternatives & details of which supplements I think are essential.

Did you know taking supplements is a 37 billion dollar a year industry?

There are likely several thousand different supplements on the market.  No wonder it is hard to choose or to know which supplements are necessary or the best.  Every supplement is being touted as a panacea; every company tells you theirs is the best product & every product has paid reviews so how can you know what is the truth?

  • You should know the real truth before you buy a supplement
  • You can’t believe reviews without even knowing if you need the supplement
  • I assume you are at that point where tried supplements but you are not feeling better

This course can save you money by knowing which supplements are worth spending your money on & what other alternatives you have instead of all the supplements.

Did you know that 75% of all Americans take supplements?

Yep. And guess what?  Most people are confused like you & ask me all the time IF they should  take supplements & if so which ones AND do they even work? 

In today’s world we can find some study or expert that can back up any idea with so called research or studies. It is impossible to find the truth anymore because most studies & research is funded by the companies that are selling the product.  Plus studies are skewed only to prove one idea even when there are outright flaws.

  • We all have wasted money on supplements due to their false advertising claims
  • I bet you would like to know who is telling the truth about their products
  • You also should be worried about the source of your supplements

I know the world of supplements is so confusing.  You have to understand why so many are taking supplements in the first place. You also have to learn why we get sick & how to heal yourself in accordance to nature’s law.  Any other way of healing will not get you well.

I think you will love this course.  I poured a lot of energy into producing it so I can help you understand the journey of why you think you need a supplement; to why you get sick; to why you must heal according to natures law; to which supplements you should take. I also give you alternative options for supplements.  By the end of the course you will have an understanding that will make your choices easy from now on!

Knowledge is power & health is FREEDOM!

Change Your Health & Change The World

When you join the VS Academy you also help change the world because Vidal Speaks donates a significant portion of profits to charities that are saving our animals, food, oceans & planet. Also your efforts to learn from VS Academy help Vidal grant scholarships for her courses to those who want to learn but can’t afford the cost. It’s a win win!