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Juice vs. Smoothies – Which Is Better & Why?

I am often asked about the difference between juicing and smoothies regarding our health.  Many of you would like to know the benefits of each of these and when or if we should avoid either of these practices & why.   So let me try to unpack this subject & help you understand it in […]

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SLEEP Like A CAT & Without Drugs

Do you wish you could sleep better? Do you wish you could sleep deeper? Do you need more sleep? Less sleep? Do you toss around in your sleep Or have dreams that leave you feeling tired? Do you fall asleep easily but wake up too early or does it take you hours to fall asleep? […]

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5 Summer FOODS To Grow In Your GARDEN & Their Health Benefits!

With Covid-19 everything is behind except time! Time keeps moving forward but I find myself saying: “Why didn’t we plant our garden sooner?” But in quarantine, everything was closed so it just could not happen.  The good news is there is still time to plant and harvest a few great veggies. Here is how I […]

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Amazing Rainforest HERB You Must Know About!

Happy VidalSPEAKS Wednesday! Today I am so happy to tell you about one of my favorite herbs ever. I tell you all about it in the video but you can do your own research and learn more. I recently had to use it in a situation with Lloyd that felt like a crisis. He had […]

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Focus On The Terrain NOT The Virus!

It is easy today to be totally in fear due to the Coronavirus that is sweeping the nation. Like I always say to you is that I want you to learn to be the driver of your OWN car & not put your health responsibility in anyone’s hands including your doctor! How does this apply […]

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Learn To Use Homeopathy Successfully Even As A Beginner!

Many people get overwhelmed with homeopathy because unlike allopathic medicine, which uses blanket medicines to suppress symptoms of diseases, homeopathy individualizes and treats the whole person including their temperament at times.  This makes it harder because there are so many ways to get lost.  But I always feel we need to make homeopathy simpler so […]

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Making Coffee For Coffee Enemas

I know many people love their coffee, but today I am not talking about the normal way of enjoying coffee, which is for most, a nice big cup of their favorite morning brew.  Maybe it is a latte, a frappe, an espresso or just plain black, whatever the recipe, millions of people are addicted to […]

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Help! – Chemical Soup Overload!

It was a week of chemical soup overload for me and for Los Angeles!!!!! Maybe you can learn from my story and prepare yourself with knowledge so when you are in this same situation.  I got totally doused in pesticides at the golf course this week.  I was so MAD…… can I curse here.. %^#@^ […]

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Raw Vegan VS. Cooked Vegan Diets

Today’s blog is a podcast and I will answer many questions about why I think being 100% is not the healthiest choice for most people. I am sure you will love this episode, so be sure to listen now! Before I start my blog today I want to let you know that in my podcast […]

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Flu Season Do’s & Don’ts & Prevention Tips

It is middle of September & many are talking about the flu season arriving soon.  But the truth is there is no season for the flu anymore. I have seen people sick with respiratory & flu-like symptoms all year long.  I know many of you are living in places where the temperature has changed drastically […]

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Vidal’s Famous Salsa Video Recipe

Do you LOVE tomatoes?  I sure do.  I love them so much that I can say it is almost my favorite thing about summer.  I am a fall & winter lover, but summer tomatoes well that makes summer manageable.  I think my most favorite way to use tomatoes or my most favorite food is my […]

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Soup for Detox? Yes you can!

I love soup don’t you… Have you ever heard of a soup cleanse… WOW soup as detox now that is cool… I had to keep reading…. I know we don’t often think of soup in the summer time but I have made yummy raw cold soups before so that would for sure be a great […]

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Beat Summer Heat With My Hydrating Delicious Magenta Detox Drink

Happy Summer 🙂 Today’s BLOG is a delicious detox beat the heat summer drink recipe.  You will love this one. Watch the video now and then read on. We are reaching record high temperatures all over the globe this summer.  The world cup women’s soccer was played in Paris with temperatures over 100. Imagine that… […]

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