Welcome to “vidalSPEAKS"

WOW 2016 IS HERE!!!

I am super excited today because on this first day of the New Year I launched my new website and podcast project.  Today January 1, 2016 I will post this as my very first blog post! I have been talking about doing this podcast for 5 years.  My homeopathic practice demanded my full attention for patient management therefore I just never had time to get started. Finally last year I took a sabbatical from my practice to do all the behind the scenes work in preparing for this project. The name of my website and podcast is VIDALSPEAKS” because I am Deborah Vidal AND I have so much I want to share regarding health; including homeopathy, detoxing and healthy living via the power of eating a plant based diet.  

The biggest commitment to my project will be the podcast and my first one should be up in a few weeks if not before, so keep your eyes on my website: vidalspeaks.com.  The goal is a weekly podcast but it may take me a bit to get it rolling at first.  I just want to ask all of you to bare with me thru my growing pains.  Those of you that know me know that speaking about health is my passion and I promise I will give it my all … but it will take me time to learn this new venture of podcasting and become great at it.  Please read my story on the website so you know more about me because I want this podcast to be VERY personal.  I want to come across as natural as possible and want you to feel like you are sitting at my table having tea with me.  

You may ask who is this podcast for? Well, let me ask you a few questions first.
Are you in good health, yet interested in alternative methods to help you feel even better?  Do you just have a few annoying symptoms you would like to go away? Are you sick or diagnosed with a chronic disease and want to try alternative methods before western drugs?  Are you many years with a disease, condition or syndrome and on pharmaceuticals and not feeling better due to side affects of the medications?  Are you in the middle of an acute illness like a flu or a cold and need help?  Are you young and interested in learning how to avoid diseases in the future?  Are you on pharmaceutical meds and looking for a way to get off of them? Do you want to learn how to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and feel mentally and emotionally balanced? If you fit into any of the above categories then my VIDALSPEAKS podcast will be right up your alley!  

I feel my role in life now is to educate as many people as possible on how to take responsibility for their own health and healthcare decisions.  I believe by podcasting I can help millions instead of those just in my practice!  The time is right for me to speak out! I want to teach you how to take steps to feel your best no matter what stage you are starting from.  Being a classical homeopath with a practice for 17 years I have worked with many sick people and seen just about every condition or symptom!  Homeopathy is truly an amazing system of medicine and works very deeply and I want to share my experience with you.  Getting someone well that is very sick is a process that requires much more than one method…. being well means mentally emotionally and physically balanced and always requires a lifestyle change in addition.  I also want to teach you methods to detox because one of the main reasons we become sick is because we are so toxic.  Detoxing is a huge component to getting healthy.  Another huge factor regarding our health is the food we put into our bodies.  I look forward to sharing the power of a plant based diet.  I have been a vegetarian / vegan since age 11 so I have many years experience with this way of living and eating.  There are so many ways out there to help our bodies heal naturally without the horrible side effects of drugs and the dangerous practice of suppressing symptoms.  You will learn more about this as we travel on this learning journey together!

I plan to interview other experts in the field of health, diet or detox. My guests will vary a lot because health is a complex idea and has many components to it.  So there will be lots of variety from athletes who may be vegan, to doctors or practitioners who speak about a specific alternative treatment, to homeopaths, to patients with success stories, to experts that can help us focus our mind on healthy practices.  I can’t wait!!  It will be a rich and fulfilling journey for me as well.  I feel honored that I can be in this position and I am filled with gratitude for all I leaned from my own hardships so I could pass on this knowledge to others and offer help to as many as I can. I look forward to learning more and helping you in any way I can. 

VIDALSPEAKS will be up and running very soon!

Happy 2016 !!
May this year be a great year for all of you - filled with good health, fun and laughs, and with gratitude for all we have and all we will learn together!