What does health mean to you.

The first question I would like to ask you is: “What is your definition of health?”

Over the years of seeing patients in my practice I noticed when I listen to their list of complaints the one thing in common among them is how their life feels limited.  I often ask patients; “What would it be like to be healthy?” and it is amazing how usually the first response is how limiting life is with their current complaints and how they feel no energy, or are unable to do the things they love.  Sometimes I have to ask my question again and then many admit that they really can’t imagine life as healthy, as it has been so long since they felt really good. I believe this to be a true statement. Unfortunately the patients in my practice represent how so many people feel every day all over the world, but especially in America, because we take more pharmaceuticals than any other nation.  I always say: “You have no idea how good you can really feel!” The question we need to ask ourselves is: “Do I feel full of energy and life so that I can do what I want to or need to?”

Chronic diseases don’t happen overnight.  Technically it is called a chronic disease when you have the condition for at least 6 months to a year. Our body gives us plenty of warning signs by throwing out symptoms, but either we ignore them, or we run to the doctor to get a treatment or drug to treat that ONE symptom without ever wondering WHY we got that symptom in the first place. When we are young and full of energy, we mostly get away with masking symptoms or as we say in homeopathy, ‘suppressing’ the body’s warning signs.  But sooner or later, after you have suppressed too many warning signs or symptoms, then and in accordance with the laws of nature, a deeper or more serious disease state comes out.  Still, even at this point, the most common reaction by people is to continue going to their doctor trying to further rid the symptoms by whatever medical means possible.  Often these methods don’t work, or the patient is on a long list of medications with very serious long term side effects that are now causing many of their symptoms.  Years go by until many wonder what happened to their life.  Some just assume it is aging or a necessary part of growing old, some keep adding even more meds, but thankfully today more and more people don’t want to accept this state and begin searching for alternative answers.

Once we have covered up so many symptoms and not listened to our body’s warning signs for that long, or swallowed rounds of drugs or antibiotics that have completely changed our gut micro-biome, the road back to health is not a short one.  That is why I feel the need to SPEAK out now in order to help as many as possible understand how devastating one medical choice can have on our future health. Until we know this, we can’t take responsibility for our own health.  To me this is HEALTH 101.  I want help educate you on how to interpret what your body is trying to tell you and teach you how to treat the whole body and not just the symptom in order to not to not interfere with the natural healing process.  Homeopathy is one such form of medicine that treats only by taking into consideration the whole person which means we include the symptoms, the history, along with the nature of the person.  That means if 2 people had chronic headaches and one had them on the right side and got them during sleep and the other had them on the left side yet sleep made their headaches go away, then both would need a different homeopathic remedy and the same remedy could not work for both.  Anyway much more on homeopathy in future posts but for now I would like you to understand WHY I have decided to put my energy into this podcast and blog.

Our health is truly in a crisis and it is clear to me that many ruined lives have come because people didn’t know the ramifications of the choices they made.  I feel it is time for me to help on a much larger scale now than just in my practice!  So thru my blog and podcasts I can help educate you and share what I have learned over the last 25 years. It is constant work to take care of ourselves but once we LEARN ways to make good choices and we FEEL the rewards of those choices we always make more and more healthy decisions.
As readers or listeners of my podcast you will all have something to gain no matter where you are starting your health journey from…. whether you are trying to overcome an existing chronic disease or simply interested in feeling your best and staying healthy or whether you want to learn methods of how to treat yourself with natural methods.  You will also get great ideas of how toeat better and detox and find balanced emotional health. So if this interests you then you have come to the right place! I look forward to speaking with experts in their field and learning along with you, because I believe there are many amazing people out there doing great work.

Ok so you are probably wondering what is MY definition of health?  I believe health = FREEDOM.  I am a freedom loving person that wants the energy to be able to do whatever I want and having a chronic disease would certainly hinder that. Health is more than an elimination of symptoms.  Health is about ENERGY, and how you approach the world. Health is a mental, emotional and physical well being and when we have those balanced we feel healthy and full of life.

I learned how debilitating it could be to live life with a back issue at times and migraine or neuralgic headaches for many years…. Symptoms can overtake your life and suddenly your day is only about your pains and no longer about your dreams and that is NO fun!  But only thru having these difficult times can we really appreciate what good health really is. I am SO GRATEFUL for my good health and I am committed to do all I can to feel my best so I can be FREE to do what I want in life. How about you?