Don’t become a statistic!! Learn how to change your health destiny.


We often feel the horror of our local and nation wide tragedies such as a train or plane crash, which kill hundreds of people.  We all feel so sympathetic to those who lost loved ones or those who sustained injuries that handicapped them and change their future.  Yet every year our medical system and healthcare model is killing or disabling about 250,000 people only from what is called IATROGENIC cause.  Iatrogenic is a term that means “of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment” which in other words means death by doctors treatments.  This includes doctor or hospital errors, negative effects of drugs, deadly drug interactions between medications, or unnecessary surgeries.  Actually the number of deaths stated in the JAMA journal is 250,000 but many say this is a very low estimate.  This statistic is a daily CRIME that is being covered up.  Many people have NO IDEA of the reality of just how dangerous it can be to take a medication, go to a hospital or follow standard medical recommendations by our doctors.  Did you know it is dangerous to treat only symptoms and not consider the cause?  This can lead to further ill health which can end up killing us. Only cancer and heart disease take more lives each year than the ones taken by Iatrogenic cause.

Now think about this… really!!!!!!!  This is scary considering how many people are on pharmaceutical drugs and how many patients trust their doctors with blind faith and do whatever they tell them to. I think more and more people now are beginning to search or opt for other options but the percentage is way too small when you see these statistics that are reported by our medical literature.  

By the way the photo for this blog is of my own mother’s grave.  She was a victim to the flu shot!  Sadly the decision she made to protect herself ended up killing her.  She got Guillain-Barré syndrome from that recommended medical treatment.  None of us think it can happen to us until it does!  We need to be educated about the risks of what doctors recommend as standard treatments.

Unfortunately most people feel we have better healthcare than other countries because of the high prices we pay for doctor visits and tests, but the US actually ranked second to last when the World Health Organization did a study of 13 countries.

Here is the list of the top 10 reasons of death in the US predicted for 2015.
(I have put iatrogenic disease in the place where it falls according to the numbers of deaths).

1. Heart Disease - 611,005
2. Cancer – 584,881
3. Iatrogenic Disease fits in as #3 – 250,000
4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease or COPD- 149,205
5. Accidents – 130,557
6. Stroke – 128,978
7. Alzheimer’s – 84,767
8. Diabetes – 75,578
9. Influenza & Pneumonia – 56.979
10. Kidney Disease – 47.112
11. Suicide – 41,149

Now 8 out of the 10 of those diseases are almost eradicated with eating a clean plant based diet and changing your lifestyle.  They are what are known as LIFESTYLE diseases.  Granted their may be the small percentage where genetics have afflicted someone but then if you throw in homeopathy and detox along with diet and lifestyle you can still improve that statistic more because it has been proven that lifestyle matters more than genetics.

We need to learn PREVENTION not treatment.  Hospitals and doctors are not the right place to go for CHRONIC diseases.  They only mask the symptoms and have no concern about the cause. Acute diseases are ones that come on fast and we can die from if we don’t get immediate help.  For example: Pneumonias, Flus, and injuries from an unexpected accident or surgeries to save a life after an injury.  This is where medicine can shine.  But for chronic disease we need to stay out of the doctors office and hospital and learn to reverse the disease with lifestyle and dietary changes and doing alternative treatments that treat the cause and the whole person like homeopathy.  PREVENTION is the key obviously!

Ask yourself: “Do I want to be part of our healthcare statistics?”
If not then I think you will be interested in listening more what I will speak about in the future.  Knowledge is powerful and with knowledge you can take responsibility for your own health and not put your trust into someone else.  We have one life to live.  I believe in feeling our best and having the energy to do what we want to… if that sounds good to you then start learning now about the changes you can begin to apply to turn around your health destiny.  Stay tuned in the next weeks for my podcast “VIDAL SPEAKS “ and for more blogs!