Vidal’s FAST method to make coffee for enema & supplies needed to begin

Supplies Needed

1. Coffee – You can any use light roast ORGANIC coffee but there is coffee that is grown especially for enemas that works much better. Here is the link >

2. Coffee PressHere is the one I use >

3. Electric Kettle or just boil water in a pot.  I like this kettle as it is COOL looking and works great!  

4. Enema Bucket – I like the stainless ones. You can go to PRODUCTS page on to see the 3 that I recommend.  You will either need a top handle or side handle bucket bucket depending on whether you will do the enema lying near a door, in which case you will hang the bucket from the door knob, or if you lie near the counter & use the side handle bucket to easily lift on & off the counter.  Here are 3 links to good choices:  ...1... | ...2... | ...3...  

5. Silicone tubing & nozzles are the safest and best.  If you don’t like what comes with your bucket these are the best options I have found & that most people love. The tubing comes with a clip or hose clamp.    ...1... | ...2... | ...3...

6. Comfort mat  - This makes it nice and comfortable to lie in comfort & it easily rolls away for storage.  Here is the link >

7. Waterproof shower curtain or towel  - It is nice to put a waterproof shower curtain on top of your mat & then a towel on top of that case you spill.  I put a towel & then the shower curtain over that.  You can buy vinyl-backed towels like dental bibs if you feel you want disposable.  

8. Pillow - This is to lay your head on & to relax.

4. Coconut oil - This is a must to lubricate yourself before you slide the nozzle in.

9. Music - iPad or phone to listen to music & relax.  

10. Timer - There is one on  iphone or iPad otherwise have a clock with you.

** Note: The best time of day to do a coffee enema is morning after bowel movement, but no worries if you have not had one, just try it & if it is too difficult then you can do a 1-cup water enema first to clean out the bowel, which can make it easier to hold the coffee after that. This is not necessary for some, but very useful for others.

Directions to make coffee

1. Boil water in kettle or on stove. (Distilled water is best, but if you don’t have this use good clean water, but then make sure you always have distilled water or buy a countertop distiller.  I can recommend one for you that is great.)

2. Add 3 Tablespoons of the coffee to the coffee press.

3. Add boiling water so that it is ¾ full, leaving space to add cool water, if you are planning on using after 15 minutes.

4. Stir frequently & let sit for at least 15 minutes. You can leave it for up to 8 hours then put it in the fridge & use within 4-5 days.

5. Now get your enema bucket and be sure the clamp or clip is located towards the end of the tubing about a foot from the nozzle AND be sure the clamp is CLOSED, so when you pour the coffee in it won’t run out.

6. After 15 minutes it is ready to use.  Stir & press the coffee press down & pour coffee solution into your enema bucket. If it is too hot because you are using it right away, add cool water or ice cubes till it feels just warm or body temperature.  If you took it out of the fridge then add boiling water till it is body temperature.  WARNING: BE SURE TO FEEL THE WATER AND DO NOT USE IF BOILING HOT! .. ouch!

7. Now hold your enema bucket high up in the air over the sink with one hand, and with the other hand open the clamp while keeping the bucket held high.  This will allow the coffee solution begin to flow out & you will see lots of bubbles coming out.  Continue to let it flow out until there is a only a solid stream of coffee and no more air bubbles.  Now close the clamp. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP OR THE COFFEE WILL NOT FLOW INSIDE YOU WHEN YOU BEGIN!

Directions for doing the enema

1. You are now ready to begin.  If it is your first time doing an enema, you can do it in the tub until you have more practice.  Otherwise set up your mat, with shower curtain or towel on top of  it.  Place a pillow at the top for your head. Put coconut oil in container and place it next to mat.  Place your ipad or iphone there for timer and music.
2. You can lie on your back or right side to put the nozzle in but be sure to put some coconut oil on you to lubricate the area before you push it in.  It only takes a little as too much can make it slide out. Now put the nozzle in & open the clamp to allow the coffee to flow inside of you.  SET YOUR TIMER NOW!
3. As the coffee flows in & If using a stainless bucket you will see bubbles coming out when most all the coffee is in. If you want to use all the coffee & not waste any, take your bucket off the counter or door & lower it down towards the floor & you will see the bubbles will go back in the bucket,  then lift the bucket back up & hold it at a tilt till ALL the coffee goes in. Then be sure to CLOSE THE CLAMP AND REMOVE THE NOZZLE. If you are worried to try this then don’t & just CLOSE THE CLAMP AND REMOVE THE NOZZLE when most of the coffee is out of the bucket & the first air bubbles show in the tube.
4. Lie on RIGHT side for 15 minutes.  LYING ON RIGHT SIDE IS A MUST AS IT GETS YOUR LIVER THIS WAY.  15 minutes is your goal.  If at first you can only do 5 or 6 minutes, then do what you can. If you only could hold it 3-6 minutes you could immediately do a second one if you would like.  Soon you will learn that you may feel like you may have to go, but by massaging your abdomen you can get that feeling to pass & hold it still longer, but if you are new or panic then just take out the nozzle & release at this point.
5. The blood cycles thru the liver one complete cycle every 3 minutes, so try to hold 9 min & if not 12, however, best is 15.  Then you get 5 complete cycles of cleaning!
6. When ready, remove the nozzle, & go to the toilet & release.  
7. You will feel the need to go a few more times over the next 15-20  minutes, because you will be continuing to release toxins.
8. Clean your toilet with natural non-toxic toilet cleaner & with hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.
9. Put away your supplies & clean your bucket by rinsing with water & then running hydrogen peroxide thru the hose. Dry & then hang bucket or put away & you are done!

Now enjoy your refreshed, clear-headed feeling & say to yourself what took me so long to try a coffee enema!

Trouble shooting guide

1. If you can’t hold very long after trying for a few weeks.  Try to do a 1-cup water enema before you start.  This helps clean the bowel & often can make it easier to hold the coffee during the enema.

2. If coffee won’t go in then you probably forgot to let the coffee flow out of the tube after you filled the bucket, which gets the air out of the hose.

3. If you feel nauseous it is likely because the extra bile that you are producing from the coffee enema (which is necessary & a good thing) gets into your stomach & creates nausea.   This will stop in more time but it is a good sign you NEED to detox.  You can drink a tea or concoction that I put in my show notes in episode #7.  Coffee enemas are much better for detoxing the liver than taking supplements because supplements push the toxins into your blood stream to re-circulate & reabsorb & can make you sick, but an enema puts it right into the toilet!  The best ever liver detox!

Videos on WHY they work:

The famous Charlotte Gerson speaks about coffee enema benefits & why they are important & necessary to detoxify the liver. Here is the link >

Another good video by Charlotte Gerson.Here is the link >

Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez on coffee enemas. Here is the link >

Another one by Dr. Gonzalez. Here is the link >

Best Coffee for enemas

This is the BEST coffee to buy for enemas.  It is used in cancer clinics that use enemas as a huge part of their healing therapy. This one is recommended by Dr. Vickers & the Gerson Institute. Be sure you buy the Therapy Roast. Here is the link >

Videos on HOW to do a coffee enema:

This is like my directions above showing how to make the coffee solution the FAST way so you can use it immediately! Also a great video on how to do & more info! Here is the link >

This is how Gerson clinic advises to make a concentrate to store some for later.  I just do it like above & store it in a mason jar.  How to make a coffee enema concentrate in order to have extras for later. >

Article on Coffee Enemas:

Article on Coffee enemas although not all information is same as what I do. Dr. Wilson’s article on COFFEE ENEMA & DIRECTIONS